Witness Republic Day Parades At These Places In India

This year India will be celebrating its 74th Republic Day. 

You have not celebrated Republic day the right way is you have not witnessed a parade live. So here are some places in India for you to visit. 

1. Rajpath, Delhi This place witnesses the largest Republic day celebration in India. 

2. Red Fort, Delhi The Republic day celebrations here will surely be one of the best ones of your lives. 

3. Gateway Of India, Mumbai You can witness India's military powess and culture all at once here. 

4. Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar It is known as one of the best places to witness Republic day parade in India. 

5. Mysore Palace, Karnataka The grandeur of this palace in Karnataka adds to be beauty of witnessing Republic day parade. 

6. Raj Bhavan, Kolkata This grand bhavan offers the most spectacular views of the parade. 

7. India Gate, Delhi This majestic structure is a symbol of patriotism itself and witnessing a parade here will simply give you goosebumps.