9 Facts About Rasgulla That You May Not Know Of

1. There is historical evidence that Rasgulla has existed at least since last 700 years.

2. Rasgulla is essentially cottage cheese dipped in sugar syrup.

3. Rasgulla is a relatively healthier dessert since it has protein and is lighter on your body than other Indian desserts.

4. Certain historians claim that the Portuguese settlers in India taught us how to make cheese, which is how we got our beloved dessert.

5. Some experts believe that Rasgulla originated in Puri in the form of Khir Mohan.

6. There is a disagreement about the origins of the sweet dish among experts. Some believe it originated in Odisha while others think it is a Bengali dish.

7. Nobin Chandra Das is credited as the creator of these juicy sugary delicacies.

8. Nobin Chandra's son Krishna Chandra Das started the practice of selling canned Rasgullas during the 1930s.

9. A version of Rasgulla from Odisha is served hot and is called 'Pahala.'

Image Credits: iStock