7 Restaurants To Try In The Dubai Hills

1. Maiz Tacos When: 8am to 11pm

Credits:Insta/ Maiz Tacos

2. Coffee Planet UAE When:  8 am to 11 pm 

Credits: Insta/Coffee Planet UAEh

3. Vietnamese Foodies When: 10am to 12am

Credits: Vietnamese Foodies

4. Eataly When: 9am to 12am


5. Mitts & Trays When:  10am to 12am

6. Zou Zou When: 9am-midnight

Credits: Insta/Zou Zou

7. The Hills Eatery When:11am-10pm

Credits: Insta/ Hills Eatery

7. Akiba Dori When: 10am-midnight

Credits: Akiba Dori/Insta