X Vegetarian Emirati Food Items To Try In 2023

1. Fatteh is a 3 layered dish made with based of bread  and other vegetarian items. 

2.  Fattoush is a salad made out of different veggies and bread.

3. Hummus is made by whipping chickpeas,tahini and lemon juice with olive oil and goes really well with pita bread.

4. Falafel is fritters made from the combination of chickpea and spices and are nutritional. 

5. Tabbouleh is another salad that has bulgar mixed with vegetables. 

6.  Luqaimat is a famous Emirati sweet dish that is made combining butter, milk, sugar, flour, yeast, cardamom and saffron.

7. Labneh is another great option that is just whipped yoghurt.

8. Mahalabiya is a sweet pudding that is made of milk, sugar, cornstarch, cream & rose water. 

It's really difficult to find vegetarian food in Emirati cuisine where almost everything starts with meat.