World’s First Multi-Projection System Arrives At This Cinema In Dubai

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    Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall has teamed up with CJ 4DPLEX to give moviegoers a 270-degree cinema experience, making it the World’s First Multi-Projection System. 

    What Is It?

    Reel Cinemas has recently launched Screen X in Dubai Mall which combines multi-projection technology with theatre screen and project images on the outside wall of the front screen to create a new immersive experience for the audience. You can expect panoramic 270-degree format, which is a completely unique experience. The screen has 170 seats & the MEG is now playing at Screen X with ticket prices starting from AED 68.

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    Location: Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall
    Price: Starts From AED 68 

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    Dhruv Maniar
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