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Ditch Normal & Visit This Beautiful Farm Cafe In Abu Dhabi

Farm Cafe

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mazaraa

We love cafes that enchant us with some unique features. UAE is quite famous for its food scenery. But we are always chasing something out of the box that we can suggest to our foodie readers. So here we are with another discovery that would give you a taste of greenery and scrumptious food under one roof. How? Because it’s on a farm!

Mazaraa Farm In Abu Dhabi Makes You Skip The Fancy Restaurants In Tall Towers

The lovely Mazaraa Farm has so much to offer its guests. It’s a perfect amalgamation of a charming cafe & a farm store. The ideal location for you is Mazaraa Farm Al Bahyah if you enjoy an alfresco setup. Take a stroll, get some fresh produce, and enjoy the breeze and chirping of the birds. The farm is home to a variety of trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables. Also, you can interact with agricultural animals like cows, hens, sheep, and buffalo. Want to eat? Check out their offerings at this enticing farm cafe in Abu Dhabi.

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Eat & Feed Animals As Well Here

Mazaraa Farm Store Abu Dhabi has all of your bases covered. You should definitely take advantage of the charming organic restaurant/cafe at Mazaraa Farm while you are there. Once you’ve had a chance to meet the farm’s animals and enjoyed the stunning scenery, treat yourself to a sweet doughnut and a cup of delectable coffee! Every dish and beverage served at the cafe is made with wholesome, organic ingredients.

At Mazaraa Restaurant, the signature burger is well worth trying. The mushroom risotto is a well-liked dish if you’d prefer something creamy. Going to the farm in the morning? Breakfast made with their french toast, berry compote, and fresh fruit is delightfully good.

Play and feed the animals present on the premises with your hands. Conclude your trip with a cup of warm coffee or some delicious dessert.

Feel full before you anticipated? No worries, Mazaraa uses your leftovers, such as peels and more and converts them into organic fertilisers to use in their nurseries.

Well, that’s all folks. We will be back with a new discovery for you soon!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mazaraa

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