About Us

Curly Tales is an influencer led travel, lifestyle & food content platform. We are digital nomads and the entire world is our workplace, classroom, playground and our home. We publish over 300 articles a month filled with the good life & recommendations. We create stories, we create adventure & we create wonder for you to discover.

Curly tales has been awarded the Top Influencer in the Travel Category & among the Top Influencers in the Food Category in India.

What Do We Do?

Discover hyper local gems to eat and travel to
Help travellers pick out the best of what a particular destination has to offer
Tap into audiences’ aspirations to experience the world through our videos

Why Do We Do This?

We give higher priority to experiences over possessions,  journeys over destinations and people over places. We believe in making memories with people that touched our heart, of the unique tastes we acquired, of the adventures and misadventures we faced!

At Curly Tales, we love to fly high, dive deep, roam around, and gorge on the most delicious food. Call us digital nomads or the bible for a good life. We only hope to inspire you to live a best possible life through our awesome tales of recommendations.