The Team

Kamiya Jani
Founder & Editor In Chief

43 countries, 168 cities and the rest of the world to go. Kamiya Jani gave up her full time media job to dare to live the life she always wanted. She set up Curly Tales to let people discover their love for food, travel & indulgences. Before this, Kamiya was working as a Business Journalist & Television anchor with ET NOW, Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV18.

Sammar Verma
Founder & Global CEO, Fork Media Group, Curly Tales India / Middle East. Mashable India / Middle East, IGN India, Hauterrfly, Adgebra and #Xtra

More than 12 years of digital media experience, setting up content marketing division for Times Internet, creating brand solutions for Web18 and consultancy experience in PWC.

Amit Sobti
Chief Revenue Officer

A seasoned professional with overall experience of over 14 years in managing strategic projects, Amit is the money man at Curly Tales. He is known to convert brands into clients and clients into friends with his amazing interpersonal skills.

Rachna Srivastava
Managing Editor, Curly Tales India and Middle East

FTL (Food, Travel and Lifestyle) for FTW! Rachna's mantra for life. With over more than a decade of journalism and writing experience, Managing Editor Rachna, manages work, the Curly Tales team and adulting like a pro! In her head, she has achieved a lot in her own #30Under30 list!

Nidhi Bhardwaj
Sales Head, India and Middle East

With over 14 years of experience working with brands like Times of India, Fleming Gulf, ITP Media, Condé Nast (Vogue) - She's a sales pro with a perpetual avocation for all things travel and exploration. She's a solivagant soul pinning a new photograph in her every-growing journal of life. Her fernweh has made her a resident of over 3 countries and countless cities across the globe.

Kanika Gautam
Digital Media Manager, Middle East
A coffee addict, Friends fanatic and commonly known as 'The Vegetarian', she is a Delhi girl who landed in Dubai and found herself in the media industry 2 years ago. She has business development and marketing expertise of over 10 years across IT, manufacturing and media in India and Middle East. She is a people's person, super talkative, bubbly and a pure-bred 90s kid. She is a music lover, a passionate phone-photographer and a lockdown ukulele player.
Pooja Kamble
Digital Ad sales Executive

My significant attraction and passion towards Films, travel, photography, art and fashion has motivated me to pursue my dream. I have always believed in learning new things and one learns from their own experience. My observational and communication skills as well as understanding a person makes me a quick learner. I am an avid traveller, people enthusiast, passionate, creative and curious who loves to explore new places and have best adventures in life.

Sanjana Shenoy
Sub Editor -Trendings

Content, Coffee and Cats these are a few of Sanjana's favourite things. Born in Baroda, brought up in Kuwait, settled in Bangalore, travel and food is her blood, bread and butter. When she isn't brewing delicious, wanderlust content, she's busy planning the smatter of restaurants she'd visit over the weekend.

Bianca Saurastri
Adventure Enthusiast

Bianca is a complete walking talking adventure bag, from jumping off a plane to diving into life underwater, from exploring counties snow filled mountains to taking a leap from the tallest bridge in the world, Bianca has done it all! Growing up in a Gujarati family, she doesn't believe in restricting herself to society's norms like "how can you do that"? She believes in making the most of everything life has to offer One life, so take the leap and make the most of it!

Sarah Gadhvi
Instagram Wizard / Content Creator

Loves fabricating ideas into reality. She is part time foodie & full time adventure junkie who loves to pose for the gram.

Result oriented & an enthusiastic team player.

Megha Singh
Social Media Executive

Genz kid who brings the whole world's news to your finger tips. You will find me either spilling tea or drinking one constantly in the day.

Pankti Visaria
Executive Assistant & Special Projects Manager

Born & Brought up in a Gujarati family, food & business is something that runs in her blood. Pankti works closely with restaurants & hotels & bring some delicious meals & extraordinary experiences for you at the most rewarding prices.

Shreya Ghosh
Content Writer

Shreya and her obsession with rom-coms and sitcoms are very real. Either procrastinating everything for weeks or wrapping it all up in just a weekend: the perfect way to sum up her. She loves exploring the newest cafes of Kolkata and is very passionate about forcing others to visit those places as well.

Anupriya Mishra
Senior Content Writer
A history nerd, Anupriya loves to read, talk, and write about everything related to lifestyle and travel. With a fondness for trying every dish out there, you might catch her at the newest restaurant trying their exquisite fare while gossiping about Bollywood movies!
Vaishalee Kalvankar
Content Writer

She believes in the magic of words. Be it reading a book or writing pieces, words are her escape. Being multilingual, languages enchant her and so does travelling.  She is an observer and loves little details be it in a person or place. Her fascination with places is sparked by the stories behind them.

Deeplata Garde
Content Writer

An innovative damsel who lives in the moment is mostly found in a corner lost in the world of books. Deeplata Garde is all sass, a complete foodie but a fussy one, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Finding her solace around gushing shores she loves to immerse in sunsets on beaches.

Shreya Rathod
Content Writer

Shreya is a bookworm and spends her time reading. And of course, she loves to write! Her only wish is to try different food and travel every single place on this planet. Besides books, she likes to watch movies. Lastly, she might not be the funniest in the room but will laugh with her heart out on every joke.

Mallika Khurana
Content Writer

Personification of the meme of the dog chilling in a burning house. An otherwise couch potato who will travel anywhere in the world for fries, Mallika procrastinates as a part-time job. And in her burning house, she always has a bucket of chai in her hand.

Shivani Bhati
Senior Content Manager

Shivani is a Fauji Brat, so traveling has been an inseparable part of her life. A huge fan of 'Ghar Ka Khana', she will be rarely spotted at a cafe or restaurant because she loves to order in. Having lived in several cities in India, Shivani can be an encyclopedia of amazing Indian food recommendations. When she is not working she is definitely sleeping! Oh, and did we tell you she is the Senior Content Manager at Curly Tales?

Tooba Shaikh
Sub Editor

Runs on chai. Excels at cracking lame puns. Likes to think she is funny but people around her disagree. Loves wasting time and hates writing about herself. Took an embarrassingly long time to come up with this.

Guruprit Matharu
Video Editor

Get ready to rev your engines and meet Guru! With over 18 years of experience in the video editing world, He knows how to make your footage come to life. But when he isn't busy editing, you'll find him hitting the open road on his trusty motorbike. From scenic routes to off-road trails, he loves to trek through nature and discover hidden gems. 

Garima Tiwari
Content Manager (Video) - Curly Tales App

An MBA in Media and Entertainment with a flair for creativity and content. Fondly known as the 'Barbie of the Office' for my vibrant personality. I'm passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can always be found enjoying nutritious meals. My daily routine includes a refreshing fruits and corn break each evening. A true Bollywood frenzy, I bring my love for the industry into everything I do.

Sham Palve
Senior Software Developer

Sham is a multi-talented Software Developer who creates amazing websites and enjoys smashing boundaries on the cricket field and exploring the world through adventurous travels, with a passion for both technology and adventure. Sham brings a unique blend of skills & experience to his work, making him a true rockstar in the software development world.

Dinesh Pawar
Software Developer

Dinesh is an avid Software Developer who finds joy in crafting elegant code while indulging in his love for cricket and wanderlust. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for both technology and sports. Dinesh brings a dynamic approach to his Software development projects.

Auziata D’silva
Social Media Executive

Meet the social media queen, transition wizard and editing guru all rolled into one - it's Auziata! A creative powerhouse with an eye for style, She knows how to make content shine. Whether it's crafting the perfect transition or curating a killer outfit, this media student is always one step ahead. Street-smart and Jugaad savvy, she is the go-to expert for all things social media. So if you're looking to level up your content game, look out for Auziata!

Rashmi Shetty
Video Editor & VFX Motion Graphics

Meet the caffeinated creative wizard, Rashmi! As a video editor and graphic designer, she is a true master of visuals, turning ordinary footage into magical moments. But when she isn't behind the computer screen, she's out exploring the world, fueled by her love of coffee and a thirst for adventure. Sipping espresso in a hidden café, Rashmi always finds inspiration in the world around her. And when it's time to unwind, you'll likely find her curled up on the couch, engrossed in the latest blockbuster hit.

Rishi Kanojia
Community Manager

Rev up your engines and prepare to meet the ultimate adventurer - it's Rishi! With a passion for all things motorbikes Rishi loves nothing more than hitting the open road and exploring new destinations. And when they're not cruising on their bike, you'll find them on a culinary adventure, seeking out the best food around. From spicy street food to fine dining, Rishi has a taste for it all. So whether you're looking for a new route to ride or the latest foodie hotspot, Rishi has got you covered! Works closely with Hotel's, Restuaraunt's & Tour Company to help you with the best travel destinations with cost-effective budget's

Rishi Sodha
Senior Client Servicing

Getting the campaign done and dusted is my forté. I often project my inner thoughts and daily life drama on reels too. My best friend right now are 30+ people and counting. P.S give me a moment, will talk to you later! Client Call!

Palak Gosar
Event Planner & Manager

Adding extra to our, ordinary events  yes that’s definitely Palak. She is creative problem solver and the best detailed curator we have. Let us ring her, Oops seems busy talking to vendors. 

Ps :- Loves to write but not about herself.
Tanya Tondon
Fashion Stylist

Hey lovely people

I am a Dedicated fashion stylist with an outgoing personality. A true extrovert fueled by a deep passion for fashion. Known for relentless hard work and creative flair in curating standout looks.