The Team

Kamiya Jani

Founder & Chief Travelling Officer

38 countries. 108 cities and the rest of the world to go. Kamiya gave up her full time media job to dare to live the life she always wanted! She doesn’t believe in taking adventures alone and that’s why she set up Curly Tales! To get people everywhere to discover their love for travel & indulgence. Before this, Kamiya was working as a TV anchor with ET NOW, Bloomberg TV and CNBC TV18.
If you look like your Aadhar Card picture, you really need a trip!
Kanika Sharma

Undercover Traveller

Kanika likes to explore new places, chat up with locals and sign up for adventure activities, all under the radar. Offbeat locations make it to the top of her list, and through solo trips and staycations, she explores the world. A beer enthusiast, she is dedicated to trying every pint available on earth, one chug at a time. We meant... one mug!
If you are reading this, then yes, you do need a break!
Vaishnavi Venkataraman

Food Officer, Dubai

Research, science labs and of course nerdy glasses – that’s what my life was all about until I finally woke up to realise how much I loved food, travel and telling tales. A chai addict, a moody writer and mother to a smallie, my journey as a writer began with The Times of India. And now, here I am in Dubai pursuing my passion and exploring a new city, all in one go!
Its never too late to pursue your passion
Bianca Saurastri

Adventure Enthusiast

Bianca is a complete walking talking adventure bag, from jumping off a plane to diving into life underwater, from exploring counties snow filled mountains to taking a leap from the tallest bridge in the world, Bianca has done it all! Growing up in a Gujarati family, she doesn't believe in restricting herself to society's norms like "how can you do that"? She believes in making the most of everything life has to offer
One life, so take the leap and make the most of it!
Jinal Inamdar

Luxury Inspector

Thank god, money can actually buy you happiness! Jinal, our in-house luxury Inspector inspires you to pamper yourself with indulgences. She brings you the most luxurious travel & food inspiration in an honest, chatty and unpretentious way. Packed with tips, reviews, itineraries and recommendations, her posts are designed to make your own travels AMAZINGGG too. She loves to walk people through her travel tales and food trails, as an inspiration for all those who are bit by wanderlust, just like her.
I like my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet!
Trishana Goswami

Chief Hustler

From freelancer anchor to contract employee to a full timer. Our in-house poetess believes that Curly Tales has offered her the most magical journey when it comes to her professional life. Trishana has hustled her way to become the Chief Hustler of Curly Tales. Joined Curly Tales when it was 1 year old and since then ensuring that if you want to stay on our platform, you better pay for it
Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.
Harshal Waghmare

Video Spartan

Harshal's dream is to own a kickass dhaaba and serve comfort food to anyone who comes in. When he isn't whipping up fun videos, he loves to backpack and ride his bike. His love for biryani is immortal and he wished there was a way to have abs and still be able to eat non-stop.
The Edit Is Real
Tonakshi Kalra

Filmy Producer

Her passion for video content creation and travel got Tonakshi to Curly Tales. She has one motto: everything is dull and useless if it has no drama in it. This is brought to life through her videos and storytelling style. And on her days off, you'll see her sitting at a stall, having conversations with people while sipping on her chai. And yes, she is a Punjabi and a vegetarian! Believe it or not!
‘See every phase of life with excitement in your eyes. You’ll be amazed!’
Sanjana Shenoy

Content Foodie

Content, Coffee and Cats these are a few of Sanjana's favourite things. Born in Baroda, brought up in Kuwait, settled in Bangalore, travel and food is her blood, bread and butter. When she isn't brewing delicious, wanderlust content, she's busy planning the smatter of restaurants she'd visit over the weekend.
Desserts Never Desert You!
Vikrant Bagul

Edit Ninja

Vikrant's first love is cricket. And second, is all things sweet. He has a big sweet tooth and loves gorging on desserts, any time of the day! When he isn't creating travel videos, Vikrant loves to plug in his headphones and listen to music.
Attempt Edits You've Never Thought Of. It'll Surprise You
Suchismita Pal

Story Teller

The best trendsetters are the ones who find it first! Suchismita loves to roam around the nooks and crannies of the world through her laptop and present every beautiful picture in the form of words. With due respect to her Bengali roots, she is a die-hard foodie and has a special love for all things sweet. When in doubt, she prefers to escape to the mountains. Suchi loves to follow her heart and live every moment to the fullest.
I follow my inner moonlight and don't hide the madness.