6 Best Momo Places In Mumbai To Satisfy Your Cravings

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Best Momo Places In Mumbai To Satisfy Your Cravings

Mumbai “City That Never Sleeps”, because it’s busy gorging on vada pav, pani puri, misal pav and pav bhaji, has a special love affair with momos. The sumptuous dumpling delicacy is believed to have originated in China and then travelled through the Himalayan regions to India. From humble roadside eateries to swanky restaurants, momos are served in its veg, non-veg, steamed, fried, grilled or in a tandoor form. Read on to know the 6 best places in Mumbai where you can gorge on the finest momos.

1. Dev’s Momo Hut In Dadar

This humble momo stall in Dadar is known to serve some of the best momos in Mumbai. The guys running the stall from Nepal are super-friendly. They roll out the thinnest momo dough and fill it with the juiciest meat filling. Dev’s Momo Hut offers momos in chicken, vegetarian and paneer varieties. Eight homemade momos are served on a plate with garlic chilly and tomato sauce. This is a momo paradise for momo lovers!

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2. Messy Adda In Matunga East

Prove your love for momos by gorging on the largest momo in Mumbai. Messy Adda serves a 24-karat gold-plated Bahubali momo that is the size of eight momos. The larger than life momo is topped with gold petals and looks like a dish fit for the kings. The dish is served in a smokey brass vessel with three gourmet chutneys, two chocolate momos may dip and orange dip. The Bahubali momo is priced at ₹1299. But do inform the eatery about this order well in advance, as they prepare only 5 such momos in a day.


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3. Kepchaki Momos In Khar

Khar’s Kepchaki momos is a paradise for momo lovers. They serve an array of momos like Prawn Momo, Pork Momo, Mix Veg Momos and their signature Chicken Momos, which they offer with basil and mint. The pocket-friendly joint serves soothing thukpa, wantons, Chow chu potato, Kyong’s chilli chicken and more. With an array of lip-smacking dishes adorning their menu, you’d be spoilt for choice.


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4. Darjeeling Momos & More In Thane

Started by a former bartender, AbdulKarim Saiyad Yatnal, Darjeeling Momos & More offers over 100 different types of momos. This eatery in Thane has the regular momos like veg steamed and chicken pan fry to the unusual ones like spinach, mushroom and cheese, You can also try their Tandoori momos that are infused with a smoky flavour. Choose your style of preparation like Fry, Achari Butter Fry, Steam, Schezwan Cheese and more.


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5. Sernyaa In Oshiwara

This tiny restaurant in Oshiwara has Tibetan roots and is renowned for serving Tibetan and Burmese fare. Sernyaa promises to satisfy your cravings for momos at its one-stop momo destination. Once you try their momos, you’d certainly be a regular. Their steamed pork momo is their bestseller. Vegetarians can sample their Cheese and BBQ Style Momos. They also have a Sernyaa special T Momo that involves preparing bread with momo dough. It’s served with special homemade gravy.


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6. Dumpling Khang In Santacruz East

Chef Sreejana’s ardent love for local food resulted in her opening Dumpling Khang in Mumbai’s poshest areas. The restaurant prides itself for offering dishes prepared with the freshest garden produce. There are ample vegetarian options. The momos are authentic, flavoursome and will leave you asking for more. At Dumpling Khang you can try their Gravy Momo, Kothay or Pan Fried Momo, Chilli Amchi Momo and Momo Thukpa.

Well Momo Lovers, these are some of the best places for momos in Mumbai. Take your gang along to try out an array of different momos, which taste best, when shared.