We Found Delhi’s Best Gravy Momos In Satya Niketan And They’re Just For ₹70!

by Vidisha Khaitan
We Found Delhi’s Best Gravy Momos In Satya Niketan And They’re Just For ₹70!

Mom Hand Momos in Satya Niketan serve the city’s best gravy momos for a price we couldn’t believe. Gravy momos in Delhi cost about ₹150 on average anywhere you go. This student heaven sells the best gravy momos, better than all those ₹150 per plate people, for ₹70! How did this happen? We don’t know! Are we happy this happened? Do we even need to say? Another crazy place for momos is this secret Russian market in Delhi with the weirdest momos ever!

What is it

Satya Niketan is right opposite DU South Campus which means serious scrutiny. The market has some of Delhi’s best momo places like QD’s. This little place is giving everyone a run for their money with these gravy momos. Mom Hand Momos are basically challenging maa ke haath ka khaana and we kind of see their point. That’s how good they are! Also check out this to-die-for ₹99 combo at Momo Addiction, Satya Niketan.

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The steamers sit right in front of the customer. The chicken gravy momos are deep fried first and then drowned in a chili cheese sauce. The chicken is minced and mixed with cabbage and onion unlike most other places where chicken momos are big pieces of chicken. The gravy is made of mayonnaise, chili, cheese, pepper, garlic, salt and oregano. They were more than willing to give out the recipe because the magic is in their hands and not in the ingredients.

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What’s more

The Veg Gravy Momos sell for ₹60. They’re fried balls of cabbage, onion and garlic, dipped in the same gravy. Even hardcore non-vegetarians have been spotted binging on these. They have two seating spaces on ground and basement. Mom Hand Momos is just as crowded in peak summer as it is in freezing winter. Nothing deters its customers from gorging on the gravy momos.  We get it, food makes us forget about our surroundings too. Once you put these momos into your mouth, the only things that exist in the world is your soul and the momos.

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gravy momos
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Mom Hand Momos are a special find. We were going to take it to the grave with us, but we love you too much. These are south Delhi’s best and cheapest gravy momos. We didn’t want to steal the pleasure from you. Winter is the perfect season to ask for extra momo chutney if the gravy isn’t spicy enough for you!

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