Forget Chandni Chowk! Head To These 12 Places In Delhi’s North Campus To Try Amazing Street Food

North Campus
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1553

Delhi’s North Campus is a web of art, study and bunking. Delhi University provides the quintessential student experience for children who are about to be pushed into adulthood. A lot of slacking comes with the shift from school to college, a lot of growing up comes too. In the middle of all the student stress, networks of friendship become the stress busters. Max chilled out eating spots are a must all across campus or the system will surely collapse. These student friendly places keep the sprits up when everything else is going down the drain. Let’s see beyond where real patrons go, beyond the Hudson Lane cafés.

Sudama Ji ki Chai

Chai is a lifestyle in the northern city. This chai stall has been running for 30 years. The owner still serves ₹10 chai in a kulhad. Kadhak dilli waali chai keeps sleepy students alert. The conversations flowing at this stall are often more stimulating than the ones inside classrooms.

Where: Near Ramjas College, Prof ND Kapoor Marg, Delhi School Of Economics, Delhi University

North Campus

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Chache Di Hatti

Fluffy non-greasy bhaturas with scrumptious chole is why students are willing to skip class for lines. The stall runs out by 2 PM because regulars never miss a day of north Indian breakfast. North Campus visitors know better than to miss out on the experience. it’s easy on the pocket and big on taste.

Where: Chache Di Hatti, 32, Near All Smile Dental Clinic, Kamla Nagar

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Bille Di Hatti

If the chole bhature was too mainstream, chole puri is right around the corner too. It’s home on a plate for north Indians away from home. The speciality of this place lies in the think refreshing lassi that helps wash down the spices. One visit to this place and you’ll be full the whole day.

Where: Bille Di Hatti, 72 D, Kamla Nagar

North Campus

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Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point

DU is not itself without mid-day maggi. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, or boredom, maggi is perfect for any time of day in the world of students. Tom Uncle serves 50 different kinds of maggi under one roof. You’ll never grow tired of this place, even if you stick to OG masala maggi. It’s just that good! 

Where: Near Ramjas College, Maurice Nagar Chowk, North Campus, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

North Campus

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The best malai chicken tikka roll for just ₹120 will keep you satisfied all day. Kathi rolls are easy on the go and handy for North Campus students who are always in a rush. The rolls here have been famous across the city for as long as we can remember. Delhi is big on rolls, it’s our comfort food. We don’t joke around about serious stuff like this, so close your eyes and take a bite.

Where: 16 UB, Jawahar Nagar, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar

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D School Canteen

This place used to be the iconic Indian Coffee House back in the day. Now, it’s the iconic Delhi School of Economics canteen. Jelly with cream is another iconic aspect of the canteen. The mutton cutlet is extremely binge-worthy too. The eatery has been standing tall for 22 years, managed by employees of ICH.

Where: Delhi School of Economics, University Enclave

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Bistro 57

Thick and yummy milkshakes are the way to getting some calcium, right? We don’t know about that but it’s a good excuse to beat the calorie guilt every day. Coolers to shakes, this stall does everything right. The Ferrero Rocher is our top pick.

Where: 37, Chattori Lane, Kamla Nagar

North Campus

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Chalte Firte Momos

Delhi cannot survive without momos. It is part of our staple diet. Obviously North Campus has to ace these little steaming drops of delight. Students from all over the country fall in love with these momos as soon as they arrive. The Afghani momos are a must-have in North Campus.

Where: 32, UB, Jawahar Nagar, Bangla Road, Kamla Nagar

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Penta Cafeteria

Late night paradise in North Campus is a must for students who spend their whole lives on campus. Street style snacks include over 30 kinds of Maggi and almost 50 varieties of Pasta. Grilled sandwiches are a tasty and healthy way to dine at night. They also have kulchas, coffees and shakes.

Where: Penta Cafe – 663, Near Pentamed Hospital, Derawal Nagar, Gujranwala Town

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Little Hut

Delicious oreo shake with burgers and pastas are not reserved for the famous Hudson lane. Right in the middle of North Campus, this little kiosk has won the hearts of passersby. The tempting stall is irresistible once you lay your eyes on it. Chocolate Love made with Brownies is sinful heaven.

Where: Patel Chest Road, Opposite to Miranda House

North Campus

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Arjun Pav Bhaji

Loaded pav bhaji at this place will change your life. Butter is the top layer of this pav bhaji. It’s been serving its loyalists for 15 years. It’s spicy, creamy and unforgettable. Once you eat this, every other pav bhaji will feel like it’s almost there but not quite there yet.

Where: 3rd Main Rd, Pocket D 2, Phase 2, Model Tow

North Campus

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Unnamed stall

Bread pakodas, samosas and aloo puri, this is the typical compulsory street vendor which exists in every corner of the city. Of course, North Campus would have its own. For 20 years, the owned Rakeshji has opened at 6:30 AM and ran out at noon. He begins cooking all over and finishes the stock of 6 PM, ready for a new day again.

Where: Near Riviera Apartments, Vishwavidyalaya metro station

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North Campus

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North Campus will never run out of amazing food stalls, easy on the pockets. Students can live on a low budget which allows people from all veins of society to come together and access education. Curly Tales is all for free education and great food. We hope one day India will be able to afford equal education for all with more institutions like JNU. Cafés are great and all but these age-old food places are the heart of North Campus.