Forget Tandoori Momos! Have You Tried Tandoori Chai In Delhi Yet?

by Vidisha Khaitan
Forget Tandoori Momos! Have You Tried Tandoori Chai In Delhi Yet?

Samosa, bun maskaa, dhokla, aloo bonda, momos, chaat, pakode, murukku, bhajiya are all amazing regional snacks in India. But, solitary, they are incomplete. Samosa without chai is like a bed without mattress. Delhi is addicted to well many things, shh, but also chai, and chai just got a makeover.

What is it

tandoori chai
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Half cooked chai is poured into a hot kulhad inside a tandoor. As soon as the beverage touches the earthen pot, it explodes into a cloud of smoke. Once things have calmed down, the chai is served in a fresh kulhad smelling of all good things. The chai carries a smoked flavour concentrated in rich flavour. The style is said to have travelled from Pune to Delhi a while ago. Since then a tandoori chai place has opened up in every locale. Everybody wants to get their hands on the trending tandoori chai.

Where is it

tandoori chai
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There are three famous tandoori chai places apart from the thousand others.

1. Mucchad Di Chai, Sainik Farms

2. Mister Chai, Eros Hotel, CP

3. Alpha’s Tandoori Chai, Mukherjee Nagar

All three are unique in their own ways and worth a try. While chai will always be loved in its true form, chai lovers don’t discriminate. Unless it’s tea. TEA IS NOT CHAI.

What’s the hype

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The boiling beverage has taken the internet by storm. Its theatrical looks definitely add to the charm. The amount of smoke on display gives a mystical touch to everyday chai. Though, we can’t deny upon tasting the warmth in our soul tandoori chai brings.

We can’t wait to indulge in this delectable dish come winter. These smoke-filled kulhads ignite fiery conversations in universities. They can foil friendships at workplaces. They can make you feel at home in a new city. When we take one sip of chai, all our anxiety washes down with it. Tandoori chai is just a royal version of chai but, it’s still chai (unlike tea). The only thing we could love more is tandoori chai with samosa. If you haven’t tried it yet, your Delhi experience is incomplete!