10 Best Samosa Places In Delhi That You Need To Visit In 2020

best samosa places
by Vidisha Khaitan

Delhi survives on Samosa. We eat samosay when it rains and when it doesn’t. If you’re hungry and want a quick bite, you’ll find a samosa wala in every corner. It’s the city’s staple diet, available everywhere. The food unites people belonging to all social strata. Evenings are incomplete without chai and samosa for all age groups. Everybody can afford a little fried snack every now and then. Doesn’t every city have that one thing that everybody loves. That’s samosa here. The best Samosa places are spread all across town in all flavours, shapes and sizes. I know we all love our nest door Samosawala but, you won’t be disappointed with this list.

1. C. R. Park Market

best samosa places

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bengali samosas are a class apart. The secret is that they mix some ghobi in the aloo. No other place in the city can replicate the original flavour in Delih’s mini Bengal. Come evening all four markets in the area are stormed by locals at the best samosa places and they run out within an hour.

Where is it: Chittaranjan Park

2. The Maha Samosa

best samosa places

Picture Credit: hungry forever

This samosa is available in a curious location: at the food counter inside a cinema. It has gained so much fame that people go to watch movies just to devour the samosa. It weights nearly 200 grams making it one of the biggest we’ve seen!

Where is it: Asaf Ali Road

3. Munni Lal Halwai

best samosa places

Picture Credit: foodspotting

Their samosas in particular are a big hit because of their unique style. For decades they have been serving samosa topped with spicy chhole and chutney. It’s a known fact that halwais do fried food better than anyone can.

Where is it: Gol Market

4. Manohar Dhaba

best samosa places

Picture Credit: slurpyfoodie

Old Delhi is the epicentre of food, but this is one of the best Samosa places for reasons more. They serve a special Japanese samosa. The delicacy layered 60 times over for a crispy outer shell coddling a gooey potato filling. They top it off with kala channa and some pickle. Mouths are watering.

Where is it: Chandni Chowk

5. Ameer Sweet House

best samosa places

Picture Credit: The Gourmet Gourmand

They have not one but two jaw-dropping samosas. The first is savoury, stuffed with keema and ready to rock your world. The second is their khoya samosa. Better than any dessert you’ve seen because of the sheer originality of it. This deserves to be on the list of best samosa places twice!

Where is it: Jama Masjid

6. Bittoo Samosa Wala

Picture Credit: thelongestwayhome

They’re on the list of best samosa places on the backs of their little fusion triangles. Macaroni samosa anyone? We know it’s hard to imagine but when you eat it you realise Italy is meant to be in our desi world.

Where is it: Rani Bagh Market

7. Rewari Sweets

Picture Credit: easyfoodsmith

The best part about them is that their samosas are never too hot or too cold. They’re just ready to be chewed all the time. It’s perfect craftmanship of art everybody tries to master.

Where is it: Jail Road

8. Kumar Samosa Wala

Picture Credit: ScoopWhoop

They strive for more. Their samosas are not just aloo. They’ve gone to chowmein, paneer, and tandoori. Worth a try for a singular experience. They are one of the best samosa places to try every kind human beings can fathom.

Where is it: New Moti Nagar

9. Jalebi Wala

best samosa places

Picture Credit: SteFou via Flickr

Don’t be fooled by the name, everything here is great and samosas are no exception. They’re so great that they made it to our samosa search despite being famed for a whole different thing. But jalebis after samosa are just the chashni on top right?

Where is it: Chandni Chowk

10. Duggal Snacks

best samosa places

Picture Credit: bbcgoodfood

They’re your neighbourhood samosa wala but in only one neighbourhood. They have the most delicious way of making this everyday item earning a spot in the best samosa places. All localites love the samosa with a fervour only foodies have.

Where is it: Pocket B, Mayur Vihar Phase 2

We can make lists larger than our vocabulary and they would all have a right to be there. Delhi is the best city for the best samosa places, that’s why there’s one in every corner. Don’t be afraid to make your own list and share it with us as a service to humanity!