Tackle Air Pollution: Get Free Saplings from Delhi Government At Your Doorstep

by Vidisha Khaitan
Tackle Air Pollution: Get Free Saplings from Delhi Government At Your Doorstep

Plant parents rejoice as newborn baby saplings are being delivered to their doorsteps for free. It’s a little unconventional but what adoption isn’t! And specially, if it is about tackling air pollution, then count us in.

What is it?

Air Pollution
Picture Credit – Hindustan Times

Delhi is a city known around the world, not for Rashtrapati Bhavan or Red Fort, not even for momos and Mughlai rolls. Our very own Dilli is world-famous for, you guessed it, air pollution. When my NRI (non-returning-Indian) brother books his annual tickets to Delhi, his first world friends caution him against the toxic air. They have no idea what our lungs are made of. Every year, along with the festive season comes pollution season, and then follows crop burning and winter smog. The Delhi Government has undertaken a Seven Point Action Plan to tackle pollution at its peak

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As part of this plan, the Tree Challenge is an inspired idea for a city of viral-crazy content consumers. All you have to do is send a WhatsApp or text message for amazon-like delivery service. The sapling’s care-taking will be the job of the recipient. Not to worry, raising plants is a lot easier than raising any living thing, specially since providing basic needs like electricity and water became a priority for the government too. The Tree Challenge will be a long-term programme continuing even after the winter has passed. So, get ready to fashion beautiful green corners in your urban homes, free of cost. They definitely make for insta-worthy backgrounds.   

Battling Air Pollution

Air Pollution
Picture Credit – Indian Express

Trust me, this is not a sponsored post; we’re just always happy about green gateways to save us from climate change. It requires a little commitment, and nothing serves as motivation more than systemic promotion of the cause. Some steps even involve a change in daily lifestyle like the ‘Odd Even’ program, forcing commuters to carpool. It is kind of brilliant though, to allow only odd or even number plates on the road on alternate days. After all, it’s much easier to get to work with half the privately-owned cars safely parked, clearing traffic.

Apart from this, air pollution masks, environmental marshals, control in pollution-hotspots, dust control and my personal favourite, a community Diwali laser show, are also part of the plan.

What’s More

Air Pollution
Picture Credit – Live Mint

The Delhi government claims its efforts have reduced air pollution in the city by 25% since last year. New programs like these will contribute to permanent solutions by constant and continual combatting. Delhi planted over 2 lakh tree saplings and shrubs in one day during a mega plantation drive in August. The total aim for this year is planting 24 lakh saplings, down from last year’s goal of 32 lakh due to scarcity of land. Municipal corporations and government-run nurseries are also striving to meet this target. Involving citizens is only fair since we’re the ones breathing this air. 

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It’s time we stop complaining and start acting. Individual responsibility is a viable solution to global warming. Sustainability has already become a sales strategy across the world. Once corporates and governments see the people refuse to silently watch as green turns grey, they won’t be able to look the other way. Order your free sapling today!