Delhi Government To Develop 11 New Forests To Curb Pollution

by Angel Srivastava
Delhi Government To Develop 11 New Forests To Curb Pollution

The entire world is facing a global climate crisis and India is no different. From unexplained climate shift, to cities running out of ground and drinking water, it is high time that the people and the government join hands and fight this crisis collectively. The Delhi government has already started taking little steps like planning a rain harvesting project with Yamuna’s flood water. In a latest update, in an attempt to curb air pollution, Delhi Government is planning to develop new forests.

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What Is It?

Over the years, the country has seen a lot of deforestation, owing to development. As an adverse effect of this there has been a change in the climate, soil erosion, and many other factors that have eventually lead us to this climate crisis. As the priority plan to combat this crisis, Delhi government has decided to extend the city’s forest lines.

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According to the forest department’s proposal, 11 new forests are to be developed in and around Delhi by the end of the financial year 2019-2020. The proposal was made during a meeting with Delhi’s Environment and Forest Minister, Imran Hussain who directed the officials to develop at least 6 of these proposed forests during the monsoon season itself.

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He also asked them to submit a detailed action plan and a proposal for a Mega Plantation Drive in Delhi that will be conducted in the last week of July.

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What’s More?

The forests will be developed in multiple phases. The first phase will include the development of two city forests which will be established in the trans Yamuna Area- Shastri Park (Colony) and Garhi Mandu.

The Delhi Government had earlier said that they had a target of planting more than 23 lakh trees and shrubs before the end of the financial year 2019-20, which is 10 lakhs less than last year’s target.