Delhi’s Pollution Is Not Really Its Own!

by Kritika Kukreja
Delhi’s Pollution Is Not Really Its Own!

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Delhi’s pollution rates must be rising, but it was noted that 75% of the pollution is not Delhi’s own but coming from external sources. 

What Is It?

After Delhi’s pollution has reached sky-high levels, a research was conducted by Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)which proved that Delhi’s pollution isn’t entirely Delhi’s own. It varies with changing season, but for the most of it, majority of the pollution comes from external source and not from within the capital city. After the recent dust storm in Oman, 64% of Delhi’s pollution came from there. In 2017, a major chunk of the pollution had come from Afghanistan as well. 

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What About The Seasons?

During the summers, nearly 33% of Delhi’s pollution comes from outside, but that ratio reverses in winters where 64% comes from outside. 30% of the pollution within Delhi is coming from industries, 28% from vehicles, and rest from power stations, and other sources.

What Can Be Done?

Due to the rising pollution, the capital city will have to take measures. They are planning to introduce LPG in households, and strict pollution monitoring for industries and vehicles. The action will be taken for Delhi and the neighboring regions.

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