Celebrate Your Birthday In a Luxurious Way Just For ₹10 Lakhs Only At Raffles Hotel

by Shreya Rathod

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone and to feel important. Though we all have our unique ways to celebrate this day, here is a luxurious way that you will definitely love. You can celebrate your birthday at Raffles Hotel in Udaipur in a lavish style for ₹10 lakhs. Bianca Saurastri, our WanderLuxe traveller, celebrated her birthday at this palace-like hotel. Read further to know about her royal experience.

Raffles Hotel Curates Everything Just For You

This grand hotel is no less than a palace and is a great luxurious escape. Located in 17 different countries, Raffles Hotel is a chain of lavish hotels. To make someone feel special is definitely, what Raffles is famous for. They have people to receive you in an expensive yet elegant car. The entrance of the hotel is a statement in itself. The magnificent architecture reminds you of 17th-century European architecture. Moreover, the pillars at the entrance or ‘The Gates Of Heaven” are an architectural marvel. An extravagant place to celebrate a birthday, right?

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For your special day, the hotel curates a lavish 5-course meal based on your sun sign. Besides, the hotel has an infinity pool and other activities like golf, tennis, archery, and many more. They also have rope crossing and other adventure drills to get your heart pumping.

An Evening Special You Won’t Miss

Raffles Hotel
Picture Credits: Internal

There are cultural dance performances and music for the guests in the evening while dining on the open-air veranda. Every Raffles Hotel has a special drink dedicated to the place it is situated in, and Udaipur has its own. The ambience and hospitality at this grand hotel are worth it. You can watch the video linked below to have a visual of what it is to celebrate like a millionaire.

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So, what do you think of this ultra-luxe birthday celebration? Would you want one too?

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