Central Railways Earns A Whopping ₹300 Crore By Penalising Ticketless Travellers in 2022-23

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Central Railways Earns A Whopping ₹300 Crore By Penalising Ticketless Travellers in 2022-23

The government repeatedly reminds people to purchase tickets before travelling in locals, but many of us fail to understand and travel without them.This results in them paying fines to the ticket collectors. This financial year 2022–23, the Central Railways has surpassed all the zonal railways in fine collections from ticketless travellers. They have collected a whopping ₹300 crore from ticketless travellers this year. 

Central Railway Earns ₹300 Crore in 2022-23

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Central Railway accomplished a feat by collecting $300 million from ticketless passengers. They penalised about 46.32 lakh ticketless travellers while checking tickets. 

This is the very first time for a zonal railway to achieve such a huge feat, according to an official statement. It was also added that the mark of ₹100 crore was achieved by the Mumbai Division alone. The Central Railway had earned ₹214.41 crore from such travellers last year. With this number, it ranked first among all the other zonal railways. (as reported by The Print)

The Mumbai Division earned ₹108.25 crore from over 19.57 ticketless travellers. ₹24.27 crore is the total earnings by the Pune division from 3.36 lakh travellers who were travelling without tickets. 

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Ticket Checkers Earned ₹1 Crore

The officials also informed us that Bhusawal Division earned ₹70.02 crore by charging a fine to over 9.06 lakh travellers for not having tickets. ₹39.70 crores have been collected by the Nagpur Division by penalising over 6.16 lakh travellers. 

Over 20 ticket checkers from Central Railway have individually made fine receipts for a surprising amount of more than ₹1 crore.

In order to prevent ticketless and irregular travel, Central Railway conducts extensive ticket checking in suburban, postal express, passenger services, and special trains across all of its divisions. This ensures comfortable travel and better services for all legitimate rail users. 

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