Cyber Fraud Alert! Mumbai Man Loses ₹1 Lakh While Seeking FASTag Refund 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cyber Fraud Alert! Mumbai Man Loses ₹1 Lakh While Seeking FASTag Refund 

We are all well aware of the various cyber frauds that have been taking place ever since we entered the world of technology. This is the dark corner that confuses us about whether to call technology a boon or a bane. In a recent cyber fraud incident, a man from South Mumbai lost ₹1 lakh from his bank account as he was trying to seek a FASTag refund. 

FASTag Refund Seeker Ends Up Being Victim Of Cyber Fraud 

A man from South Mumbai was trying to ask for a refund as he recharged his FASTag with ₹15,000 instead of ₹1,500. The 38-year-old man searched for customer care numbers on the internet to seek a refund. He ended up calling a fake number and the call was received by a cheater who posed as an executive.

The man was asked to install Anydesk, which is a remote-access application, in order to have a look at his mobile activities. The fraudster then asked the man to make a small payment as a fee to begin the refund process. With the help of Anydesk, he got to know about the person’s bank details, and using them, he transferred ₹1 lakh into his account. This is how the man fell prey to cyber fraud.

Cyber Fraud
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FASTag Collects Tolls Electronically

An FIR was registered at the MRA Marg police station as complained by the 38-year-old man. The victim is an electric goods trader from south Mumbai. He recharged his FASTag account on 3rd December as he wanted to go to Gujarat but ended up losing his money. 

The National Highway Authority of India uses FASTag to collect tolls electronically. With the help of this system, the government can directly collect tolls from vehicles. Long lines at the toll plaza have been significantly reduced as a result of this. 

Cyber Fraud
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