Buy Coupons Online: Mumbai’s Biggest Momo & Maggie Festival By Curly Tales

Is Maggie the only thing on your mind every time someone says 2 minutes? Do you love momos more than you love bae? Well, we aren't going to ask you to prove your love. Instead, we are asking you to get bae, your friends & your family along for MUMBAI'S BIGGEST MOMO & MAGGIE FESTIVAL , hosted by Curly Tales, at Korum Mall in Thane on 12th & 13th October 2019, from 4pm - 10.30pm.


What To Expect?

After the grand success of Mumbai's Biggest Pani Puri Festival, we thought to ourselves, hmmm, what next? A lot of Maggie & momos, so you better come with an empty stomach and a huge appetite because you're going to want to try everything! There's over 50 types of Maggie like Maggie Biryani, Maggie Pizza, Cheese Maggie & lots more. But that's not all, coz you get to indulge in over 30 types of Momos like tandoori momos, chicken momos, chilly cheese momos and lots more! The best bit though is that you don't have to choose and you can have it all!

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Why You Need To Buy The Coupons?

You can buy coupons worth ₹50, ₹100 and ₹150, show it at the coupon counter and head straight to the stall of your choice. Gobble up plates of Maggie & momos with all that extra time! You can buy the tickets and they are valid on both days of the festival.

Maggie & Momo Eating Competition

Prove your love for Maggie & Momos in the Maggie Eating Competition & the Momo Eating Competition. I mean imagine getting a prize to stuff your face with Maggie and momos. The rules are simple. Eat as much Maggie as possible in 3 minutes & win instantly. OR if Maggie is not your thing (as if), you can compete in the Momo Eating Competition, where the person who eats the most momos in one minute wins.

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What Are The Charges?

FREE ENTRY to the festival. You only pay for what you eat! Just walk into Korum Mall and make a beeline for the Maggie & Momo Festival. The best part? You only pay for what you eat. There's no entry charge & no hidden costs - just loads of delicious food waiting for you.


Venue: KORUM Mall, Eastern Express Highway, Thane (W)
Dates: 12th Oct (Saturday) & 13th Oct (Sunday)2019
Timings: 4:00pm - 10.30pm on 12th & 13th Oct
Entry: Free

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