For ₹40 Lakh, Travel Like A Royal In India’s Most Expensive Train Suite At The Maharaja Express

by Shreya Rathod

Train journeys are exciting. Sitting in the sleeper coach with a cup of chai amid a station crowded with people gives a different kind of thrill. But this train journey is like no other you have ever experienced. Welcome to India’s most expensive train suite, the Maharaja Express, where you travel like a royal through the famous and historical cities of India. And boarding this train is our own Bianca Saurashtri, the WanderLuxe Traveller of Curly Tales. Watch her stay at the Presidential Suite, one of the World’s best suites.

Maharaja Express: Travel Like A Royal

The Maharaja Express has four royal journeys, one of them being the heritage journey. It is the World’s leading luxury train and one of the most expensive trains in India. Also, it is India’s most luxurious train. Hospitality is no less than royalty. There is a band, baaja, red carpet, and a grand welcome for the guests. The journey starts with a lavish meal of cocktails, appetisers, main course, and dessert that you can relish while enjoying the view from this luxe train. The Presidential suite is exquisite and occupies one full coach of the train. It is like a two-bedroom apartment with a living room. The master bedroom comes with a double bed and an attached bathroom.

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Stay Inside This Luxury Train With A Private Butler At Your Service

maharaja express
Credits: Curly Tales India

The train reflects the history of Indian royalty and the British aristocracy. Every guest has their own private butler. Each of the twenty-three coaches’ names is the Indian name of precious stones. There are four categories of rooms including deluxe cabins, junior suites, the suit, and the presidential suite. The other amenities include an OTT subscription, a direct line to butlers, and many more. The total cost of this luxurious ride comes to a total of ₹40 Lakh for two people.
This train is an extravaganza at its best. The train has royal dining restaurants which serve lavish meals for you.

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So, if you wish to travel luxuriously, Maharaja Express is your train to catch.

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India