Gurudwara Distributes Headphones For Satsang

by Tushal Kukreja
by Tushal Kukreja 1670

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Mumbai Gurudwara performs bhajans through headphones to counter noise pollution.

What Is It?

Imagine a world where religion would exist without music and bhajans! Can’t, right? That’s how intertwined the two are! Religion and music go hand in hand however a little too much of music and noise pollution go hand in hand too. A Gurudwara in Ulhasnagar decided to take this situation in their hand and came up with a perfect solution to fix the noise pollution coming from their end.

The Amritvela Trust of Ulhasnagar conducted a 43 days long satsang on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti and the management decided to arrange for ten thousand headphones and not go for the customary speakers present at every event. The trust decided to provide the devotees with headphones after a contempt petition was filed against commissioner Rajendra Nimbalkar for violating the noise pollution rules.

Not only did the Gurudwara make a deafening statement with the silent bhajans but also brought a revolutionary change. The High Court is all praise about this situation.

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What Else?

This act was also called as revolutionary by environmentalists like Sumaira Abdulali. She said “We need more such initiatives during cultural events, and with the growing awareness on impact of noise pollution on health, we are sure that more and more communities will join hands and take up such innovations, which will be wonderful for the society at large”

Technology can do wonders when used in a perfect way. The Amritvela Trust thanks their founder Rinkuji for this solution and wishes that other organisations and political parties draw a leaf out of this and make amends.

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