Kayak Introduces Virtual Reality Holidays For The First Time In India

by Kritika Kukreja
Kayak Introduces Virtual Reality Holidays For The First Time In India

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Now you can experience the best vacation sitting in the comfort of your own home with Kayak’s virtual reality holidays. 

What Is It?

Want to take a holiday but boss not giving you any leaves? Now you can go on a holiday every month or even everyday with Kayak! Kayak in India introduces virtual reality vacations. You can experience holidaying without leaving the couch in your living room!

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What’s In It?

With the help of Virtual Holidays, you will be able to not only see the destination you’re planning to visit, but hear sounds, touch and even taste! Visit the world’s famous destinations that you have always planned to visit.

What Do You Need?

With the help of 360 VR headset, Ultra-VMX headphones and a neural scanner, you will be able to achieve 4 things that complete the virtual reality vacations – Vacation Vision, Tropical Tastes, Holiday Hearing and True Travel Touch. The end result will be that you would experience everything around you as if its happening for real!

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