Man Caught Smuggling 24K Gold Bar Worth ₹8.90 Lakh In Nutella Jar At Trichy Airport; Gets Arrested

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Caught Smuggling 24K Gold Bar Worth ₹8.90 Lakh In Nutella Jar At Trichy Airport; Gets Arrested

You all must have watched movies where criminals very easily smuggle gold from one country to another. They easily pass off all the customs and checking processes at the airport. But when it comes to real life, it is not so easy! Yet the criminals come up with innovative ideas to smuggle gold. According to a Telangana Today story, a traveller was detained at Trichy Airport after being found with a 24k gold bar. 

Man Caught Smuggling 24K Gold Bar Worth ₹8.90 Lakh

Rep Image Credits: Canva

Two Nutella jars were discovered to contain a 24,000-purity gold bar weighing 149 grams and valued at Rs 8.9 lakh, according to an official. According to the official, the gold bar was made from gold powder that was kept in the two jars. 

The traveller landed in Trichy on Monday after travelling from Kuala Lumpur. He continued by saying that the passenger was detained and the gold recovered from the jars was taken in accordance with Section 110 of the Customs Act. The entire matter is currently under investigation. (As per Money Control)

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Gulf Of Mannar Mission

Some months ago, 32.689 kg of gold, estimated to be worth 20.2 crore rupees, were successfully captured from the Gulf of Mannar by the Indian Coast Guard and DRI working jointly. 

According to a unique input from DRi, the shipment was being trafficked from Sri Lanka to India. The start of a particular operation was done with this input in mind. All of the ships that were close to the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) between India and Sri Lanka were closely monitored by the joint crew. 

A suspicious fishing boat was spotted on May 30 as it approached the Mandapam fishing harbor by the joint team of the Indian Coast Guard and DRI. The smugglers dropped the cargo into the water when they came under pursuit. Three individuals were later taken into custody when the boat was seized. (As per Free Press Journal)

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Cover Image Courtesy: Rep Image: Canva