A Boy Travels From Dubai To Joshimath For Love But A Truth Changes His Fate

Curly Tales takes you on its very first audio journey of 2021 with the launch of the Offbeat Track Podcast!
This is a series of fictional travel stories that are extremely offbeat in nature, set against unusual travel destinations.
In the second part of Remembering Joshimath, Dhruv tries to win over his lost love, only to witness an unusual end to his story.

Dhruv: Durgesh Patidar
Disha: Karishma Patel

Producer – Abhishek Kumar

Writer – Durgesh Patidar

Editing- Mukesh Mandloi

Sound Design- Abhishek Kumar

Theme Music- Raj Naik

Mixed by- Prasenjit Das

Graphics- Prashant Verma, Shubham Ghadi

Podcast Lead- Priyanka Ganwani

Creative Lead- Siddharth Aalambayan

You can listen to Part I of Remembering Joshimath here https://curlytales.com/podcast/ep-07-remembering-joshimath-part-01/

Episodes out every Friday on the curly tales website or any of your favourite podcasting apps.