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UAE & Azerbaijan Establish An Visa Free Travel Arrangement, Citizens Can Enjoy A Visa-Free Stay Now


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If you are searching for serene landscapes but don’t want to travel quite far from the Emirates? Then you try to plan a trip to Azerbaijan. This country is capable of providing a lot to explore around the year. So if you feel it’s the apt place to visit, let me tell you UAE and Azerbaijan have established an agreement where citizens can now travel visa-free. Great news for all isn’t it? So if you are planning to take benefit of this agreement make it soon.

Now Travel Between UAE & Azerbaijan Visa-Free

According to sources, a formal visa-free agreement has been reached between Azerbaijan and the UAE. As of right now, the decision would provide nationals of both nations a 90-day visa-free stay, according to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On May 19, the Republic of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev approved legal changes related to the implementation of visa-free travel between the two nations. Nationals from both countries might be overjoyed by the news. This agreement will indirectly act as a catalyst for tourism in both countries.

It is essential to strengthen links between Azerbaijani and UAE tourism organisations, as UAE Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohammed Al Blooshi said during his meeting with the head of the management board of the Azerbaijan Association of Travel Agencies.

Currently, many flights per day are scheduled from Azerbaijan Airlines, Flydubai, and Air Arabia to Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

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Mutual Decision Between Countries; Benefits For Citizens

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Azerbaijan provides a distinctive range of sights to see and things to do, from historic sites to timeless villages. Most of Baku is home to Azerbaijan’s cultural institutions, such as museums, theatres, and public libraries. a blend of the endearing, contemporary, and time-tested.

Azerbaijan, which is situated between Iran and Russia on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, is still mostly unexplored. A journey filled with excitement, natural beauty, adventure, and nightlife is guaranteed. It’s interesting to take note of this nation.

So if you want to plan a no-frills trip then this is the best time to take a tour from UAE.

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