135-YO Vishakhapatnam Temple Adorned With Currency Notes & Jewellery Worth ₹8Cr For Navratri

by Sanmita A
135-YO Vishakhapatnam Temple Adorned With Currency Notes & Jewellery Worth ₹8Cr For Navratri

The festival of Navratri is celebrated with full pomp and gaiety across parts of India. With the beginning of Navratri, the festive season officially begins and, then continues till the end of the year. In Andhra Pradesh, during the auspicious Navratri, a 135-year-old temple was adorned with currency notes and jewellery. The temple is located in Vishakhapatnam and is dedicated to Goddess Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari. Read on to know more about this unique offering!

Vishakhapatnam Temple Decorated With Worth ₹8 Cr Cash & Jewellery

The Vishakhapatnam temple caught people’s attention after it was decorated with cash and jewellery of about ₹8 Crores. If you’re thinking that all this money has been offered to the temple, then it’s a no. As per multiple media reports, as soon as the festival of Navratri is over, the money and the gold will be returned to the real owners. The trust of this Vishakhapatnam temple will not receive any of the money or gold from the decoration. The decor has been done after a legit contribution by the public.

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Navratri — Hindus Celebrate With All Fervour

Vishakhapatnam Temple
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As Hindus in the country celebrate the 9-day festival and Durga Puja, there have been various unique pujas and idols surfacing on the Internet, And, like usual, Netizens are completely in awe of the celebrations. The Navratri and Durga Puja are being celebrated with full fervour after two years of the dreadful pandemic. This year, once again, Kolkata and other cities have decked themselves to enjoy the festive season to the fullest. And, this Vishakhapatnam temple too has stood out. Recently, Kolkata’s Durga Puja also received the Cultural Heritage tag from UNESCO, following which the festival is being celebrated with all pomp and show in the city.

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Cover Image Courtesy: India Times