5 And 4.8 Magnitude Earthquakes Hit Nicobar Islands Today; No Casualties Reported

by Tooba Shaikh
5 And 4.8 Magnitude Earthquakes Hit Nicobar Islands Today; No Casualties Reported

Owing to their geographical locations, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are extremely prone to natural calamities like earthquakes. Recently, the Nicobar Islands were struck by not one but two earthquakes. Tremors were felt on the island as the two earthquakes struck the popular tourist destination. However, fortunately, no damages or casualties have been reported so far. Here are all the details you need to know about this piece of news.

Two Earthquakes Strike Nicobar Islands

This particular incident took place on the 2nd of August, early in the morning. The National Centre for Seismology or the NCS tweeted about the two earthquakes. The first one took place around 5:40 AM.

This first earthquake was measured to be of 5 magnitudes on the Richter scale and it was 10 kilometres deep. The second earthquake was felt soon after. Around 6:37 AM, tremors were felt again. This time, it measured 4.8 magnitudes on the Richter scale.

This earthquake was also 10 kilometres deep. Fortunately, though, no casualties or damage were reported as a result of the earthquake. No threat of tsunamis has also been announced. The NCS also tweeted other details about the earthquake such as its latitude and longitude.

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Other Recent Earthquakes

Recently, the Tawang region in Arunachal Pradesh was also struck by an earthquake. This happened on the 22nd of July. The earthquake was measured at 3.3 magnitudes on the Richter scale. Indonesia, too, was struck by a massive earthquake of 6.5 magnitudes.

Regions like Indonesia as well as the Nicobar Islands are prone to earthquakes. Indonesia is part of what is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is a horseshoe-shaped belt which seismically active and is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The earthquake in Indonesia, though massive, did not do much damage and no casualties were reported. Earlier this year, a series of massive earthquakes wrecked the countries of Syria and Turkey.

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