5 Beach Essential That No One Tells You, But Are A MUST When You’re Travelling

by Yogita Chainani
5 Beach Essential That No One Tells You, But Are A MUST When You’re Travelling

Beach is always fun. Swimming in the pristine blue waters, building sandcastles, clicking pictures for the gram or just sunbathing – one can do a lot at the beach. And while doing all this, there are a few essentials that we always have to carry to make the most of our beach day. While sunscreens, and scarfs are a common list of essentials, there are five other beach essentials that no one talks of.

Wondering what they are? Well, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with this one. Here are five beach essentials that are an absolute must when you are travelling to a beach destination.

1. Hair Oil

Yep, you read that right. A day at the beach may leave you in a state of bliss, but it can leave your strands parched. While carrying along a hair oil to the beach might not be a practical solution, massaging your hair with a nutrient-rich before you head out might be a good idea. This way, the oil protects the hair from getting rough while maintaining its shine and texture. And if you are looking for a hair oil with just the right ingredients, then Vatika’s Enriched Hair Oils is for you. There is an enriched hair oil for every hair type and need. Infused with Almond, Garlic, Cactus, Olive, Black Seed, Coconut and Argan, these oils will help to maintain the black shine of your hair while you make the most of your beach day.

2. Extra Bag

While we always tend to carry an additional set of clothes and flip-flops to the beach, what we tend to miss out on is an extra bag. You can easily dump all your sand-filled clothes in one bag without worrying about spoiling the car seat or handbag. So next time you pack your beach bag, don’t forget to take one extra bag.

3. Hair Spray For Your Damp Hair

Planning to go for a romantic or special meal after hitting the beach? If yes, then you have to carry a hair spray. A hair spray not only protects your hair from germs but also manages to add freshness to the hair. You can easily get rid of all the sand with just one spray. We recommend Vatika’s unique, first of its kind Sanitizing Hair Mist. It is easy to use, does not need rinsing, is non-sticky, fights frizz and leaves a long-lasting fragrance. All you need to do is spray it on your hair and leave it to dry or style it when wet.

4. Inflatable Lounge Chairs

While beaches usually have sunbeds for lounging, you can always carry portable inflatable lounge chairs to make the most of your beach outing. They are sturdy, portable, and ridiculously easy to inflate. All you have to do is simply pull it through the air, and it will magically transform into a cool, comfortable airbed, perfect for chilling outdoors.

5. Solar Powerbank

You will tend to click a lot of pictures on the beach and play some music as well, so it’s always better to have a solar power bank with you. That way, you will worry less about charging your devices and channel your complete energy on the beach. It is a practical add-on to your beach gear repertoire.

So ladies, next time you pack for the beach, add these essentials to your list.