5 Luxury Hotels To Stay At While Visiting The Quaint Town Of Kalimpong

by Dikshita
5 Luxury Hotels To Stay At While Visiting The Quaint Town Of Kalimpong

Away from the hustle-bustle, up in Northeastern Bengal is a mountainous town that sits in the lap of the Himalayas. The green canopy of tall trees, misty mountains and foggy sky adds up to Kalimpong’s surreal beauty. It seems like this town has never heard a noise and is always silent like a Buddha with foggy clouds all around. The visual itself is so calming and pleasing, isn’t it? The local cuisines, a few hilltops that have been turned into tourist picnic spots and vintage boutique hotels add up to the harmony that Kalimpong has to offer. The soulful town of Kalimpong has to be added to the list, the next time when you visit West Bengal. To top the experience, make a note of these 5 hotels you must spend a night or two at.

5 Hotels You Cannot Miss When In Kalimpong

These hotels do just to the beauty of the town and the scenery they offer will leave you spellbound with Kalimpong.

Mayfair Himalayan Spa Resort

Picture credits: Dikshita Choudhary

This one tops the list of luxury. The beauty of the resort lies in that and the intricacies of each corner of the place. The hotel is built in vintage boutique style and is definite to take you on time travel. From their antique pieces to the books and the aesthetic interior, everything speaks of the much thoughtful craftsmanship. While you are here you can rejuvenate at the spa or treat your sweet tooth at the petite in-house bakery.

Where: Upper Cart Rd., Kalimpong
Cost: Starts from ₹6,944 per night

The Elgin Silver Oaks

Picture credits: official wesbite/ The Elgin Silver Oaks

What is so special about The Elgin Silver Oaks is that it is still remindful of the days when the owner used to reside there. This place is the epitome of luxury with gracious chandeliers, a grand vanity in the washroom and all topped with a heavenly view of the mountains doing just to Kalimpong’s beauty. Your stay here will surely make you feel like a royal residing in their palace.

Where: Rinking, Pong Road, Kalimpong, West Bengal
Cost: Starts from ₹8,402 per night

Sinclairs Retreat In Kalimpong

Picture credits: official wesbite/ Sinclair’s Retreat

The grandeur of Sinclair’s wooden spacious rooms makes up for the warmest stay here. The hotel is surrounded by lush green lawns and vibrant flowers always in bloom which makes it feel like spring all around the year. When here, note to wake up early to try their breakfast buffet that comes with limitless options, across all cuisines and each one tastes the best. The breakfast is served at the rooftop restaurant which serves the view of the Himalayas and the cool breeze early morning.

Where: 6th Mile, Purbong, Kalimpong
Cost: Starts from ₹8,400 per night

Summit Barsana Resort & Spa

Picture credits: official wesbite/ Summit Barsana Resort & Spa

This is the perfect place to unwind into. The off-beat location of the hotel adds tranquillity to the quiet town. The green gardens, fresh air and scentful flowers will make your memories afresh, always. Take a walk in nature or a hot massage at the retreat spa, just dwell into the true essence of being when here. The hotel is synonymous with serenity and a cosy homily stay yet so luxurious.

Where: Barsana Fatak, Upper Cart Road, Khasmahal, Kalimpong
Cost: Starts from ₹6,139 per night

Sterling Park

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Picture credits: official wesbite/Sterling Park

This hotel was once inhabited by the royals of Dinajpur back in the colonial days. The exterior of the building is so subtle yet gives an old-fashioned European vibe. They serve homecooked meals across all cuisines and their ingredients are freshly sourced. The homely nature of the place just makes the stay so organic and taken care of that you’d never want to leave the place.

Where: Ringkingpong Rd, Kalimpong Khasmahal, Kalimpong
Cost: Starts from ₹6,786 per night

These places and the town will always make you come back to them. When are you planning your trip to Kalimpong?

Cover image courtesy: Official website/ELgin hotels, Pixabay