Rishikhola in Kalimpong is a frame out of a Bollywood movie

by Sushmita Mahanta
Rishikhola in Kalimpong is a frame out of a Bollywood movie

Rishikhola is a cozy riverside village nestled between the border of West Bengal and Sikkim. The place got its name from River Reshi and the word Khola, which means stream in the local language. A nature’s paradise, Rishikhola is situated at an altitude of 2000ft and is just 36km away from Kalimpong. Witnessing nature’s magic along the banks of meandering a river stream is what Rikshikhola is all about. So what’s stopping you? Make your plans and explore the Reshi river cascade down the hills in all its glory.

How to reach Rishikhola

Rishikhola is less explored but tourists can easily access it through Pedong or Rongpo in Sikkim. This cozy riverside village is a part of the famous Silk Route reaching Gangtok. And that makes it a popular attraction among tourists. If you are up for a beautiful train ride, you can take a train to New Jalpaiguri Station. From there a cab to Kalimpong and then another 36km drive will take you to Rishikhola. There is also a training facility at the New Mal Junction. Just book a cab or jeep from there. It’s gonna be an adventurous journey through Gorubathan, Damdim, and Pedong to finally Rishikhola.

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Camping at Rishikhola

Surrounded by dense green forests and steep mountains, Rishikhola comes on the way to the legendary Silk Route. So.id you have big plans of witnessing the Silk Route, keep Rishikhola on your bucket list too. The same trip will allow you to explore both these beautiful destinations. Staying at Rishikhola for a night and then moving towards the Silk Route is a great option. Pretty resorts, farmhouses, and hotels of the riverside village will give you the best of services. However, our recommendation is The Prakriti River Retreat. This is one of the best properties to stay in and overlooks the Reshi river. Another resort known as the Rishi River Retreat is also quite popular among tourists. But if you choose to camp in nature’s lap, Rishi Nature Camp is the right place to be. There can be no better experience than camping along the riverside and listening to exotic Himalayan birds chirping. So hurry up and engulf yourself in the fresh cool of Rishikhola this summer.

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