5 Ways To Reduce Jet Lag

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
5 Ways To Reduce Jet Lag

Adjusting to different time zones can be tough, especially when you’re travelling on long-haul flights. Jet lag is caused when you’re travelling through different time zones that can lead to extreme fatigue, indigestion, and muscle soreness. Whether you’re travelling to work or to enjoy your vacation, nobody wants a jet lag before an important meeting or being a tourist and exploring places. Here are some great ways to prevent and recover from a Jet Lag:

1. Adjust Your Schedule In Prior

Plan in advance and make your itinerary in such a way that you have a day to recover from the jet lag. This means, take a day’s time to get your body acclimatized to a new time zone and environment, drink lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Walk in the hotel lobby’s and do a lot of stretching to relax your muscles and open the clots or the stiffness in the body.

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2. Get Some Sleep Before You Fly

Getting a good night’s sleep before you fly is always a better idea. It will ensure you are rested well and fresh for the next few hours. People often make a common mistake of skipping sleep before a long-haul flight thinking they’ll get some during the flight, but all that turbulence and ambient noise in the plane makes it a bit difficult. Hence, it’s important to board a flight when you’re rested well.

3. Avoid Caffeine Beverages

This only affects your ability to get sleep and increases your jet lag recovery time. Avoid drinking artificial stimulants drinks like Cola, Energy drinks and Coffee too. Your body needs juices and lots of water to stay hydrated and fresh.

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4. Try Melatonin

This is a hormone which is naturally secreted in our bodies that helps regulate our circadian rhythm. Consider taking an appropriate amount of Melatonin supplement that is commonly used for jet lag treatment, studies show that it helps with both sleep and jet lag recovery.

5. Keep Moving

To keep the blood flowing and improve your circulation, you need to keep moving around before and even while you’re on your flight. During flights when the seat-belt sign is off, move around and relax your muscles to keep the blood flowing.


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