5 Wildlife Experiences That Are A Must Try In Melbourne

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Wildlife Experiences That Are A Must Try In Melbourne

The land down under has a lot of exotic wildlife and jungles that you oughta try! There are plenty of experience to try in Melbourne, Australia but exploring the wonderful wildlife has definitely been our favorite! Here’s all that you can do –

1. Ballarat Wildlife Park

Fan of kangaroos? Now you can feed and play with the kangaroos at the Ballart Wildlife Park. You can get up close and personal with nearly 400 species of animals at this interactive wildlife park. 


2. Maru Koala and Animal Park

Some more wildlife is heading your way at the Maru Koala and Animal Park. Here’s where you can pat a koala or even hand feed a kangaroo. There are python snakes and great white sharks and thunderous waterfalls that will certainly transport you into another land.

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3. Healesville Sanctuary

Now you can play and enjoy with a platypus and play with adorable wallabies. Watch them, feed them and get one with Australia’s native wildlife. 

4. Phillip Island Nature Park

Meet lots of ‘Happy Feet’ surrounded by spectacular coastal scenery. Play and have a great time with a penguin parade at the Philip Island Nature Park.

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5. Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

Cuddle koalas, feed kangaroos, wallabies & other endangered species at this ecotourism park. Discover Melbourne in all its rugged glory.

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