7 Destinations To Experience An Ultimate Summer Safari As Safari Closes For Monsoons In India

Let's chase some summer safaris for vacations this year.

by Ankita Mazumdar
7 Destinations To Experience An Ultimate Summer Safari As Safari Closes For Monsoons In India

Want to hear tigers roar? But you also want to roar louder than the tiger because pretty miss Katy Perry sang so in her popular song, Roar? Summertime is upon us and the scorching heat in some regions of India is getting unbearable while some territories are enjoying the pitter-patter of the rain along with its petrichor! So here are some of the best destinations around the world you can visit to experience an epic summer safari as it will be monsoon season in India soon.

Head To 7 Summer Safari Destinations Around The World

1. Brazil

Experiencing the bliss of night safari during the summers at the Amazon in Peru is one of the best feelings in life. If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast, you know how it feels to maintain a quiet demeanour while shiny pairs of eyes look back at you! The rich biodiversity is top-notch with thick and transverse forests housing toucans, sloths, black caimans, bats, manatees, Peruvian monkeys and more. Oh, look out for pink dolphins here when you are on a boat safari!

2. Sri Lanka

This had to be on the list for summer safari destinations around the world. Are you ready to be face-to-face with massive (and also cute) elephants roaming around as if they own the jungles? It is a visa-free destination for Indians which makes Sri Lanka an excellent tourist spot for 2024 summer. From lush jungles with tons of wildlife to peaceful beaches and picturesque terrains, it has everything to offer and is indeed a paradise! Do not miss Yala National Park.

3. Ecuador

Imagine a perfect tourist destination-cum-paradise where you can not only enjoy the mesmerising landscapes but also explore captivating volcanoes, seek tranquillity in serene beaches, witness the rich coral reefs and glimpse unusual animals, all on an ultimate summer safari! Then, my friend, head to the Galapagos in Ecuador. How cool does this tourist destination sound? Do you care about tortoises and want to pet one? Well, this place has giant tortoises! Galapagos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so strictly abide by the rules that caters to sustainable tourism.

4. Indonesia

This country is visa-free for Indians and has become a topmost destination for enjoying long summer days. Sumatra is famous for housing a bunch of orangutans! This place has a rugged terrain which exudes tropical vibes, wildlife and volcanic landscapes. Mind you, the climate here remains extremely hot except for the highlands, where you can enjoy some wet days. Head for a summer safari and get a glimpse of the wildlife of Indonesia with two-horned Sumatran rhinoceros, apes, gibbons, tigers and many more.

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5. Bhutan

A great country located in Asia is known for its dramatic landscapes, monasteries and fortresses are also have great opportunities for summer safaris. There are many large protected areas with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, witness migratory birds, rare Himalayan wildlife and many more. Get ready to be enthralled by the Royal Bengal Tigers roaming around like they are the king of forests. Head to Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park and you may spot Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Black Bear, Blue Sheep, and more.

6. Rwanda

If you have always been fascinated by the massive gorilla in 1994’s Baby’s Day Out film then plan a unique summer safari experience at this epic destination in Africa! From spotting the ferocious wild animals like lions, leopards and African buffalo to mountain gorillas, it is a joyful feeling to see these species. The Volcanoes National Park is especially famous for its gorilla treks! While Akagera National Park houses rhinos and lions. The spectacular views of volcanos with pristine lakes are just out of the world.

7. Canada

Thinking why would we put this destination for summer safaris? Well, you get to witness polar bears in the snow! Manitoba’s Churchill is popularly known for housing polar bears that migrate through summer till autumn season. Pack your bags, escape the scorching heat and go for a cool (quite literally) safari among the endangered Ursus maritimus. Keep in mind to not disturb or harm the endangered species, it is against the laws. Enjoy the snow, these snow animals and a cold-weather safari!

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Let us know which animal you look forward to meeting in your summer safari.

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