7 Types Of Pani Puri Eaters To Watch Out For


Whether you like it really spicy or with some personal tried and tested customisations, sit back and relax because some hard #relatable content is going to hit ya as we list down types of Pani Puri eaters.

1. The One Who Wants SPICY Pani Puri

We all know that friend who will have tears streaming from their eyes and their faces going as red as the fireball they just ingested and STILL will insist yet more spicy pani puris. Just cool it, you all know who you are. Next time around Pani Puri Bhaiya will slip you chillis in your pani puri instead and you will have deserved it.

2. The One Who Takes Hours To Eat Pani Puri

You know that person who has pani puri piled up in their plate because they are still eating the first one? It me. Takes time to eat those big ass pani puris people. Besides, gotta savour the taste and not just blindly stuff them one after the other. So, please bhaiyya, thoda dheere do na.

3. The One Who Wants Several Sukha Puris

One for the friend, one because it was too spicy, one for the way and one more for good measure, Sukha Puri for the win! This person is chillax and wants the bhaiyya to be chillax too and just give them a couple of extra Sukha Puris because why not.

4. The One Who Eats All Your Pani Puri

If you want it that bad, just a get a plate of your OWN. We all have gone through that one time when we eagerly waited to devour some pani puris but our friend, who said he did NOT want pani puris, ended up eating it all and you got but one. It hurts guys. It hurts.

5. The One Indebted To Pani Puri Bhaiyya

This one is best buds with bhaiyya. Or so they think. Always hovering over the stall, randomly eating anything and everything without paying and boasting of paying up next time, bhaiyya is sure sick of you the most! Just pay up dude.

6. The One Who Wants Custom Made Pani Puri

Spicy, sweet, best of both worlds, for this one every pani puri has to be a culinary delight and mix and match of ingredients. Just trust bhaiyya and eat what you get. Don’t mess with good old pani puri, it is best just the way it is. Or go make your own, you’re holding up the line.

7. The One Who Wants Gourmet Pani Puri 
Vegan Pani Puri? Figure it out yourself. Bhaiyya ain’t got no time for gourmet pani puris! Just stay in Band-ruh and let us get on with the humble pani puri yaar.

We, however, have all the gourmet pani puris, at our Pani Puri Festival, you have been craving and should definitely taste!

That said, we welcome every type of Pani Puri eater to the biggest Pani Puri festival ever at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, on 31st May, 1st and 2nd June! The variety is sure to blow your mind away. We can’t wait to see you all there! For more details, read : Curly Tales Back With Pani Puri Festival 2019 At R City, Ghatkopar


Madhusree Chatragadda
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