A Bookshop In Dubai Runs On The Trust Of Its Customers & Has No Staff

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
A Bookshop In Dubai Runs On The Trust Of Its Customers & Has No Staff

Under 140 Characters

A 24-hour bookshop that has no employees has launched in Dubai which trusts its customers to make the payment at a trust payment drop box.

What Is It?

Dubai gets it first-of-a-kind 24×7 bookshop called Book Hero that has no staff to look after it and no employees at the bill counter. It is solely run on the ‘trust’ of the customers who can buy any book and leave the payment at a drop box called the Trust Box with no support staff to look after it. They also finance stray animals in Dubai & provide free books to refugee camps and jails. These guys are definitely heroes in our books.

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What’s In It?

Book Hero has over 20,000 novels relying solely on customer’s trust to not steal any books and leave the payment at the drop box, making it the first unstaffed bookshop in Dubai.

The owner of the Book Hero bookshop, Montserrat Martin partnered with Emirati entrepreneur Mohammed Abdulla Alqubaisi and came up with the idea of building a shop based on customer’s trust.

Bookworms will not find any trouble finding the price of the books as it will be indicated clearly with green and yellow stickers ranging from AED 10 to AED 20 respectively. It’s a one-stop shop for all the book lovers as it offers books in languages like English, Arabian, Spanish and Chinese books as well.

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