A Company That Hires You To Travel And Smoke Weed!

by Anvi Doshi
A Company That Hires You To Travel And Smoke Weed!

Is that right?

Well, it is. Heavy Hitters, a Californian company is hiring people to travel the world and smoke up. #DreamComeTrue

Bro, details please!

Let’s admit it. Not all of us have a job we love. But, but, but… that’s about to change. Because who doesn’t like travelling the world and getting to smoke up for FREE? Hell, yeah. A vape company (i.e. an organization that builds products to bring you a quality smoking experience) in California is hiring 20 brand ambassadors to spread word about them and what they are bringing to the table.

Photo: Indian Vaper, WordPress

What must I do?

Heavy Hitters, the company who’s totally blowing our minds with this peculiar job offer, seeks people who can channel their inner salesperson (a.k.a Rocket Singh) to sell various vape products at social events. If you’re a star performer, you are in a chance to earn $ 1200 per month (approx. Rs 87,000). Plus, you also get a credit of $ 500 (approx. Rs 36,000) in case you decide to buy some Heavy Hitters products yourself!

JD Details:

They probably have the best one with the job’s description being so on point:

“Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid.”

Photo: Sputnik International

Here’s how you get in…

To snag the deal you’ve got to upload a minute-long YouTube video of yourself, explaining WHY you’re the perfect match for their job offer. You’ve also got to upload the very same video on Instagram and tag them too (here’s their handle @heavytag).

Umm, what are you waiting for?


Contact them here.