A Week at The Palazzo Versace Dubai

by Kamiya Jani
A Week at The Palazzo Versace Dubai

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Go big or go home is the motto Dubai lives by and Palazzo Versace Dubai is an ode to that grandeur.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Dubai and Versace in the same sentence? Sigh! I better wear my sunglasses if I’m to prepare for the extravagance, the bling and the lavishness.

The Splendour

In all modesty, the Palazzo Versace Dubai calls itself ‘the most luxurious hotel the Middle East has ever seen’. Luxury aside, the lavishness of Donatella Versace is resonant across the p(a)lace. What happens when a city that is competing with itself to build the tallest building in the world meets the unabashed, leopard-print favouring Donatella? You get diamante baths, logoed toilets, Versace printed sheets and the works.


The lobby of Palazzo Versace Dubai
The lobby of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Designed By Donatella Versace

The Palazzo Versace Dubai is only the second Versace-themed hotel in the world. It comes 16 years after the first one in Gold Coast, Australia. Donatella Versace is said to be heavily involved in the design of the hotel. It’s quite evident in the abundant use of gold, Versace logos, the Medusa and also the Greek key.


The lobby of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Beneath Your Feet

Rumour has it that it took one year to complete the lobby itself. About 1.6 million tiles were shipped from the Amalfi Coast and laid with elaborate precision. The marble flooring that runs all through the hotel has been specially flown in from Italy. You may think of it as lavish, yet it somehow sets off the scarlet neoclassical chairs to precision.

When I enter the lobby – the size of two football fields put together – and breathe in the antique furniture, the elegant flooring that looks like carpet but is not and the deep shades of maroon and gold, I instantly realise that I’ve stepped into a place that should have featured on Ivanka Trump’s wish list.

The staff is dressed in – you guessed it – matching Versace print which umm, becomes a tad bit tedious when you want to find the server you spoke to 5 minutes back. Given the vastness of the space, your best bet is to order a cocktail or everything you want at once. After that you may need divine intervention to get the server to return to your table.

The Architecture

The Palazzo Versace Dubai startles with its extravagance but it never fails to deliver on the elegance. From beautiful French windows that overlook the swimming pool (which obviously has the Versace Medusa embossed in it) to the Rosenthal plates – nothing is overlooked. The lighting is also perfect with the hotel being bathed in a soft, yellow glow.


In an incarnation of the prefect architect, the Palazzo comes with its own museum and bay for its yachts. An art lover’s dream come true, you can’t help but admire the beautiful pieces that contribute to the perfection of the place.


View from the room

The Rooms

There are four colour themes in the hotel: beige, salmon, turquoise and blue. I lived in the turquoise room with fairytale like curtains and upholstery. The underlying theme everywhere though is the Medusa and by the end of your stay, you’re probably going to want to channel your inner Donatella.

The Imperial Palace Suite

Spread across the two top most floors of the building, the Imperial Palace Suite takes luxury to a whole new level. A palatial living room, two bedrooms, a dining room along with a private swimming pool, jacuzzi and what not! I

I could settle here for a lifetime but the tariff of 816784 AED a night was a good reminder of a reality check. I left soon after a beautiful visual treat.”

Private pool at the Imperial Suite
Private pool at the Imperial Suite

For Your Taste Buds

When you’re living at the Palazzo Versace Dubai, it’s going to take more than just fine aesthetics to earn you the title of the most luxurious hotel. You better be leaving a rather fiery mark in the Dubai food scene.

The Palazzo is home to Enigma. True to its name, you won’t be given a menu but you’ll just be signing up for a surprise meal by the most renowned Chefs in the world. The menu here is changed after every three months. While what you are being served remains an enigma, the taste is nothing short of what could easily be the perfect culinary tale. I was served delicious Turkish meal here with meat that was cooked for more than 36 hours.

Each restaurant here is named after the fashion line by the brand Versace and the style statement is evident the minute you enter Vanitas, Italian restaurant. The setting is lavish here with Versace logo embossed plate staring at you.

Italian Restaurant Vanitas
Italian Restaurant Vanitas

Each plate costs more than 1150 AED. Yes, probably more expensive than the food you will have here. All I could think of was a gift shop in my neighbourhood with the age old text – “Good to see, nice to hold, once broken, considered sold. Rumour has it that the hotel may ask you to pay up incase anything is broken or missing!”


The bruschetta I had at Vanitas are probably the best I have ever had anywhere. No exaggeration. I called for two portions without any hesitation. Though the Pesto Prawn Pasta didn’t quite live up to my expectation.

The interiors at Giardino are an ode to that piece of design which Jennifer Lopez wore at the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000. Walls frescoed with tropical leaves and bamboo patterns and the same print is on the silk-finished chairs. Go alfresco to enjoy Sheesha or Shawarma!


The Spa At Palazzo Versace Dubai

If Princess Jasmine from Arabian Nights lived in the present day, she’d probably check into the Palazzo Versace Hotel Spa for her daily baths. Fit for a princess, the spa at Palazzo is the most relaxing experience you can ever have. Located on the ground floor in the West Wing of Palazzo Versace Dubai, The SPA has 7 treatment rooms, a spa suite, nail studio, barbers and a hair & make-up salon.

The Spa at Palazzo Versace Dubai
The Spa at Palazzo Versace Dubai

You can request for a treatment or a Hamam bath. The Spa, much like the rest of the hotel, screams luxury. Think marble floors of Granito Nero Assoluto, grey degrade mosaics and white birch wood walls with mother-of-pearl details.

For Your Entertainment

Spend an evening at Q’s Bar & Lounge at PVD (Palazzo Versace Dubai) to enjoy live music or hop over to Dubai Festival City, the closest mall to the hotel.

So Is The Palazzo Worth The Hype?

Is it the most luxurious hotel that the Middle-East has ever seen? I think it just might be true! The 215-room sprawling, behemoth could go wrong for a hundred reasons and yet it doesn’t!

Astonishingly, the Palazzo is as fine and as luxurious as it can get – complete with its three-tonne Czech chandelier and gilded columns – but still seems to have a homey feel to it. It is a bit far off from the hustle bustle of Dubai Marina or the Palm Islands but very close to the airport.


Palazzo Versace Dubai is set in the heart of the Culture Village, an upcoming area

  • 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport
  • 5 minutes to Dubai Festival City Mall

Doubles at approximately 250 AED per night

Palazzo Versace Dubai In A Minute | Curly Tales

When I got an invitation to visit the Palazzo Versace Dubai, I went and bought myself an expensive Shirrin Design Co dress only to realise, it wasn't expensive enough. The staff uniforms have been designed by The House of Versace who were serving me exotic food in Versace Home Collection, Milano crockery and I also found myself drinking water in a glass that had the logo staring at me. And if that wasn't enough, every morning, I would wake up with my feet on the Versace floor mat! Indulgence, I tell you! This job is going to spoil me. Let me show you how to live the high life #InAMinuteRead more here: http://curlytales.com/a-week-at-the-palazzo-versace-dubai/ #luxury #indulgence #palazzoversacedubai #livingpalazzoversace #inspiringluxury #followthesun #ThePreferredLifeDubai, United Arab Emirates

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