Aarey, Moon Who? Washed Off New Road In Mumbai’s Aarey Colony Has Big Craters To Admire

by Shreya Rathod
Aarey, Moon Who? Washed Off New Road In Mumbai’s Aarey Colony Has Big Craters To Admire

In Mumbai, Aarey Colony is a neighbourhood located in Goregaon East and is rich with trees and wildlife. The hope and relief that the 2022 restoration of a 1.8-km road in Aarey Colony had brought were washed away in just two or three days of rain. Moreover, it has brought back potholes the size of craters. Locals protested and pleaded with the government to provide them with long-term relief from potholes.

A 1.8 Km-Long Road In Mumbai’s Aarey Colony Has Potholes!

Despite being renovated in May of last year, the 1.8-km road from Aarey Market Junction to Mayur Nagar and Royal Palms was only able to withstand one monsoon. This year’s rains created several potholes, some of which were the size of craters. A few days ago, several locals came together to voice their displeasure with the state of the road. They have requested a safe road that can withstand more than one rainstorm.

According to a local, Bharat Palam, due to potholes, they leave two hours in advance to cross a 5-km route towards Goregaon. Why do they pay a property tax that is 38 per cent higher than in other areas of Mumbai? The route to Powai is harsher. Another local, Anand Sharma, claimed that he lost his father-in-law because the ambulance could not get to them quickly enough because of the poor roads.

After the road was mended in May of last year, a paan vendor and a food stall owner claimed they experienced an increase of 80 per cent in income as more people stopped by while using the road.

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Demand Of The Locals

Their key demand is that the Aarey CEO office turns over maintenance duties to the BMC. Although the procedure has started, the locals desire speedy progress. The chief minister has authorised the transfer to the BMC, according to a letter from the Department of Agriculture, Dairy Development, and Fisheries.

According to the Mid-Day report, there are no improved roads in Aarey Colony. Residents claimed that numerous roads, including those in the Royal Palms community, have long-standing potholes that have not been repaired.

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In an effort to find a long-term solution, they have frequently contacted the BMC commissioner, the contractor, and the relevant authorities. Last month, locals wrote to them once more.

Cover Image Courtesy: @PotholeWarriors/ Twitter