Abu Dhabi-Male Flight Diverted To Ahmedabad To Deboard Drunk, “Unruly” Passengers

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi-Male Flight Diverted To Ahmedabad To Deboard Drunk, “Unruly” Passengers

How often do we hear that passengers were deboarded owing to their unruly behaviour? Well, such incidents are witnessing a surge in recent times. And a fresh case has surfaced today morning. A flight flying on the Abu Dhabi-Male route had to deboard 2 male passengers for being drunk and fighting with the crew.

Wizz Air Crew Deboards 2 Drunk Passengers At Ahmedabad International Airport

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During a Wizz Air flight travelling from Abu Dhabi to Male, a heated argument took place between two passengers. The drunk passengers as reported by Ahmedabad Mirror were caught in a serious fight. It escalated to the point where they engaged in a physical altercation with the cabin crew who sought to intervene. In response to the unruly behaviour of these passengers, the pilot deemed them a disturbance. To ensure a seamless journey for other passengers and the crew, the pilot in collaboration with Air Traffic Control (ATC), diverted the flight to Ahmedabad.

The flight, operated by the European airline Wizz Air, accommodated Ali Ahmed Al Habibi, a 36-year-old resident of the UAE, and Maha Ali Hemad Aamir Al Habibi, aged 28. What initially began as a disagreement between them rapidly evolved into a serious conflict. The dispute got exceeded by the influence of alcohol. Despite the crew’s efforts to mediate, their aggression persisted leading them to fight with the crew itself.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the pilot established communication with the ATC at Ahmedabad Airport, the nearest suitable landing spot, and received authorization for an emergency landing. The aircraft safely touched down in Ahmedabad at 6.30 pm, where security personnel promptly intervened. The two individuals were instructed to remain at the airport while the flight continued its journey to Male.

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Passengers On Abu Dhabi-Male Flight Lacked Indian Visa

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As the flight was a direct route from Abu Dhabi to Male, both passengers lacked valid Indian visas. Standard protocols dictated that they be placed under the supervision of airport security. The swift diplomatic intervention was initiated through the UAE Embassy, which dispatched officials to Ahmedabad Airport to facilitate the return of the duo to Abu Dhabi.

Instances like these underscore the vital importance of passengers maintaining proper conduct on flights during their travel.

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