Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine List: 10 Fines You Probably Never Knew About

by Saniya
Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine List: 10 Fines You Probably Never Knew About

Do you stay in Abu Dhabi or are you planning to head down to Abu Dhabi for the National Day Weekend? Then while you are hanging out at Abu Dhabi’s must-visits or just eating out in Abu Dhabi, you are likely to be driving around. So what is the list of traffic fines in Abu Dhabi, you need to be aware of? Heres a list:

1. Driving Under Influence

Now this one is kinda obvious but we can’t stress enough on how important it is to not drink and drive. So next time you go out for a night of partying in Abu Dhabi, remember to have a designated driver friend who doesn’t drink or take a cab. No matter what don’t drink n drive. Besides it being dangerous, there is a heavy penalty too.

Black Points: 24
Fine: Decided By Court

2. Driving A Vehicle Without A Number Plate

The number plate has come off or isn’t visible anymore for some reason? Then you better get it fixed before taking the car out of the garage. You do not want to get caught by the traffic police and fined for it.

Black points: 24
Fine: AED 1000

3. Running Away From A Traffic Policeman

Think a traffic policeman is coming after you and asking you to stop? Don’t fret and run away. That’s a huge fine. You would rather stop and answer the policeman than try to evade him.

Black Points: 12
Fine: AED 800

4. Allowing Children To Sit In Front Seat

Traveling with your kids? Even if your kid has outgrown the age of a car seat, if they are under the age of 10 they cannot be sitting in the front. So be sure to let your kid sit behind.

Black Points: 4
Fine: AED 400

5. Exceeding Permitted Level Of Tinting

UAE has specified the level of tinting you can get done on your cars. The lady drivers can get a darker tint as well. However, be careful of the level of tinting on your car. If its too dark, you can be fined for it.

Fine: AED 500

6. Not Giving Way To Special Vehicles

We know you might be in a hurry but when you see a special vehicle like a convoy vehicle, an ambulance or a police vehicle, you move! Yep. Always remember to give way to special vehicles, or else you could be fined for it.

Black Points: 4
Fine: AED 500

7. Driving A Noisy Vehicle

A little known offense but noisy vehicles can get you in trouble. So be sure that your engine is perfectly fine and there are no excessive noises coming outta your car. A polluting car- be it noise or air, can spell trouble.

Fine: AED 500

8. Throwing Litter From Vehicle

Yes we know we all have learned about this in school. But a reminder always helps. Do not drop trash out of the car no matter what! If the police catch you, you are sure to get fined for it.

Black Points: 4
Fine: AED 500

9. Faulty Vehicle Lights

Make sure all your vehicle lights are bright and buzzing. Not only is it dangerous to drive without proper lighting in the night, but it can also get you a fine in Abu Dhabi too.

Fine: AED 200

10. Writing Phrases On Car

It might look cool to have your favorite phrase sprayed across the car. But trust us its not a good idea. This is one of the lesser-known fines in Abu Dhabi’s list of traffic fines. So be careful about pictures and phrases.

Fine: AED 200

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