Akshay Kumar Shares An Interesting Story Of Being Cast For His Debut Movie

His 1992 debut movie, Deedar, was opposite Karisma Kapoor.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Akshay Kumar Shares An Interesting Story Of Being Cast For His Debut Movie

We are sure you are not aware of how Akshay Kumar got his debut film. On this recent Sunday Brunch episode, Akshay Kumar spilt the beans on the interesting story behind the 1992 debut movie, Deedar, opposite Karisma Kapoor. He was with his ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ co-star Tiger Shroff and we had wonderful conversations about food, travel and more. Watch the video to learn more about such fascinating anecdotes of these Bollywood actors.

What Did Akshay Kumar Do To Secure His Debut Movie?

It is always an engaging conversation about how one got their first job, what their struggles were or if it was rather easy peasy lemon queasy. We were curious to know Akshay’s story about his debut film. So Kamiya asked him, “Do you remember, how did you land up your first film?” What he disclosed next was not something we were ready for!

He shared that he got an offer for ramp walking in Bangalore and his call time was 6. He was under the impression that it was 6 PM. As usual, he woke up early in the morning, finished his workout and was heading for a bath. When suddenly at 5:15 AM he received a call from his agency asking about his whereabouts. Turns out he had a 6 AM flight and not 6 PM!

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He ended up being called “unprofessional” and was scolded for his behaviour. Akshay apologised and hurried to the airport, only to miss his flight. This situation made him unhappy the entire day but his mother assured him to not sulk about it and to search for better opportunities. Little did she know he would grab his debut film that day itself!

This Changed His Career Path To A Movie Star

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Next, he grabbed his photographs and went to Natraj Studio. There he met Mr. Narendra, a makeup artist for Pramod Chakravorty’s company, who asked about his job. Narendra took Akshay’s photographs to Pramod who was a producer and director. After a while, he called our guest to Pramod’s office for a chat.

Akshay told us that Pramod was impressed with his photographs. So much so that he wanted to cast him in the lead role for his next film. Then, he was handed a cheque for ₹5000! Just as he accepted this money, he realised it was 6 PM dot on the clock! Woah, the universe always has its way! His career would have been so much different if he had flown to Bangalore that day.

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Missed a flight? Don’t fret, you might get your debut movie!

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