Argentina Wins World Cup, But Qatar Loses Its Stadium!

by Deeplata Garde
Argentina Wins World Cup, But Qatar Loses Its Stadium!

Qatar witnessed a historical moment yesterday with Messi-led Argentina taking away the World Cup. But with this winning moment also came a losing one! The news came true with Qatar stadium getting demolished following the event. Qatar built this stadium to make it disappear eventually. Pitched with over 40,000 seats on the port side, Stadium 974 was assembled using recycled shipping containers.

Qatar’s First Demountable Football Venue

According to Qatar, the stadium will be completely disassembled post-tournament. The stadium containers would get transported to nations in need of infrastructure.

To our disbelief, this was the only World Cup site to stand without air conditioning in Qatar. The number of containers used was precisely 974. Now you know where the stadium gets its name from!

The colourful shipping containers housed restrooms for the visitors’ ease. The containers seemed to float like Lego blocks. The layering and steel gave the entire structure an industrial facade. Apart from being huge, Stadium 974 also provided less carbon footprint compared to permanent stadiums.

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Billions Were Spent On The Qatar Stadiums

Approximately $200 billion was the total amount spent on world cup preparation-related initiatives. Qatar’s football stadiums basically amount to be expensive. Initially, Qatar submitted a proposal for a 12-stadium plan. But only 7 came into existence for the whole tournament.

Worried about the stadiums going offbeat post-World Cup? Asian Cup 2024 happening in Qatar will light up the stadiums after a brief break.

Cover Image Courtesy: WikimediaCommons