Ashneer Grover Is Now A Vegetarian And Here’s Why

Ashneer Grover used to love tandoori chicken but won’t have it anymore.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Ashneer Grover Is Now A Vegetarian And Here’s Why

The former co-founder of BharatPe and the former judge of Shark Tank India, Ashneer Grover recently came to this insightful episode of Sunday Brunch with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. His mind works wonders and he gave us some of the best insights on the stock market, leadership and monetary gimmicks. We couldn’t help but talk about food, travel and investing, and we also learned why he suddenly turned vegetarian. 

Recently, Ashneer Grover Turned Into A Vegetarian 

Ashneer Grover adores tandoori chicken and it is one of his favourite dishes. However, he cannot have it anymore. What went wrong? It is because he has turned vegetarian but the thought behind this change is very heart-warming. This was not out of kindness towards animals or concern for the environment; it was because of his father.

His father, Ashok Grover, was an ardent non-vegetarian lover. After his father died in March 2023, he never had the desire to eat any non-vegetarian meals, not even his favourite tandoori chicken. As a result, he totally abandoned it. We respect that.

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Ashneer Grover has been called ‘Mota Shark’ and was teased about his weight when he was a judge at Shark Tank India. But it never prompted him to change and become more health conscious. His father’s passing did. Looks like sometimes we do have to let go of the things closest to us, even if it is one of our favourites.

Did He Always Want To Be Famous?

Ashneer Grover
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Kamiya questioned Ashneer Grover on whether being famous was also a part of his plan as much as making money was. He replied that he doesn’t really remember if being famous was on his cards. He explained that he was and continues to be an introvert.  But he went on to say, “Now that I got a little bit of fame, I think I am a lot more comfortable.” Seems like exposure to the media and the digital world has made him more accepting of his fame and is okay with it. 

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