B Lounge In Juhu Serves Hangover Free Cocktails!

by Kritika Kukreja
B Lounge In Juhu Serves Hangover Free Cocktails!

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Drink up your weekends with B Lounge’s newest curation of Hangover Free Cocktails! 

What Is It?

Juhu’s newest lounge – B Lounge, takes an entry in Mumbai’s nightlife scene but it has something special to offer. It is serving hangover free cocktails so that you can party throughout the night and still wake up fresh the next morning!

With quirky interiors and a classy vibe, this new lounge comes to Mumbai offering so much more than a Saturday night place to chill with your buddies. They’ve got excellent concoctions for their cocktails and a range of lip-smacking delights for you to munch on.

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(Image Credit – B Lounge Zomato page)

What To Drink?

As we mentioned, they have a range of Hangover Free Cocktails. But what does hangover-free really mean? The cocktails and drinks here are made out of natural ingredients like herbs, spices and more that omit any artificial flavours and syrups. Some of them use ginger, honey, pepper and similar spices that have an anti-hangover effects which will prevent any symptoms the next morning.

Along with that, if you’re a health conscious person, they have a section of nurti-cocktails that have no added sugar or preservatives to make it an absolute dream! 

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Address: B Lounge, Ground Floor, Near Aza ,Kishore Kumar Bungalow, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai
Phone: 022 26601308, +91 8655702121
Approx cost: INR 2500 


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