Bananas For Rs500, Dates For Rs1000, These Are Costs For Fruits In Pakistan During Ramadan

by Shreya Rathod
Bananas For Rs500, Dates For Rs1000, These Are Costs For Fruits In Pakistan During Ramadan

It’s Ramadan — time to fast and feast during Iftar! The sacred period in Islam is when everyone in the community observes fast, prays and feasts at a particular time. While most people around the world are relishing this sacred month, Pakistan is going through a tough time. India’s neighbour is under extreme financial strain, to say the least. Moreover, the inflation rates in the country are at an all-time high! Here are the details of Pakistan’s economic condition during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan In Pakistan

pakistan economy crises
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The country has been battling inflation for a long time and the month of Ramadan is no different for the residents. During this holy month, the cities are facing the ultimate challenge of buying fruits and ration. The prices of basic commodities and food items are increasing day by day.

For instance, the price of bananas is ₨ 500 per dozen, grapes are worth ₨ 1,600 per kilogram, apples are worth ₨ 340 per kilogram, guava is worth ₨ 350, strawberries worth ₨ 280, and so on. As for oranges and pomegranates, they are 400 Pakistani rupees per dozen. One of the essential food items, dates, is priced at 1000 Pakistani rupees per kilogram. And this is the condition during the fasting month!

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Inflation is prominent in the cities like Rawalpindi, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Businesses across the country are facing a lack of customers and this is not good for the economy. Apart from this, the locals have shared that the prices of food have doubled since the last time. Moreover, there are reports of destruction of the crops and import restrictions. This increase in prices has led customers to limit their purchases.

International Monetary Fund

The country was in discussion with the International Monetary Fund. However, after its fallout, the country is facing unprecedented violence and an unstable political situation. Currently, focusing on stabilising the country’s economic condition is a vital task that needs to be done. As for meat vendors, rates issued by the district administration are unsuitable for them.

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These crises are hitting the country hard and these times are hardest for the poorest of the country.

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