Bangalore Techie Caught In A House Hunt Scam And Ended Up Paying ₹64,000!

by Shreya Rathod
Bangalore Techie Caught In A House Hunt Scam And Ended Up Paying ₹64,000!

Bangalore is one of the places in India that is facing a housing crisis. The rent has been reaching a new level and it is becoming difficult for everyone to find accommodation. Amidst this, a Bangalore techie was caught in a scam of ₹64,000!

Bangalore Techie House Hunt Scam

bangalore techie scam
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During her hunt for a rental home, a Bengaluru software engineer stumbled across a listing for a unit in one of the area’s well-known flats in Whitefield. She ended up paying ₹64,000 for it before realising she had been duped by cyber criminals who had marketed the flat on the internet. In this case, a police complaint has been made.

The woman lives in Whitefield’s ITPB (International Tech Park Bangalore). She said in her lawsuit that on August 17, while looking for rented apartments, she stumbled onto images of the location that had allegedly been put online by cyber criminals. She started calling a phone number that was listed in the post. A man named Preetam answered the phone and said that the owner of the apartment consented to rent it out.

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He further promised that Anupam Singh, a manager, would get in touch with me. The woman asserted that the manager had called her and requested funds for the deposit and other formalities. She deposited it, but owing to a technical issue she was requested to do it again. She claimed that she started to become suspicious when the caller demanded additional money. He cut the phone off when she questioned him, according to the lawsuit.

Other Home Scams That Have Taken Place

bangalore techie scam
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After focusing on a rental flat and making contact with a phoney owner, a 23-year-old city student lost 2 lakh to con artists who were abusing a real estate search app. At the moment, the sufferer is a paying guest at Kasavanahalli in Sarjapur.

As per a Mid-Day report, 11,500 apartment buyers have been caught up in a major housing complex fraud scheme involving a single developer. The buyers have now moved to the Bombay High Court because of lack of response.

Notably, the developer used Bollywood stars as brand ambassadors to entice consumers from the lower middle class.

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In this instance, fraudulent paperwork and schemes to win over customers are involved.

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