Bengaluru Police Issues Traffic Advisory For Lok Sabha Polls On May 7; Follow These Routes

Navigate the maze of congestion with alternative routes.

by Mallika Khurana
Bengaluru Police Issues Traffic Advisory For Lok Sabha Polls On May 7; Follow These Routes

In the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru, the traffic police have raised their voices in caution, alerting commuters to brace themselves for possible traffic snarls around the bustling Majestic area. Why the warning, you ask? Well, it’s all tied to the impending third phase of the Lok Sabha elections, slated to unfold on May 7. 

Bengaluru’s Commuters Navigate Election Traffic

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Photo Credits: Canva

With the voting booths beckoning, citizens from Karnataka’s northern and central regions are preparing to journey back home to exercise their democratic rights. And as these voters prepare to head home, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has stepped up to the plate. According to the Hindustan Times, they have mobilised extra buses to ferry them to their respective destinations. But while this initiative aims to facilitate the voting process, it also comes with its own set of challenges – namely, the potential for increased congestion in and around the Majestic area.

In a public service announcement, the Bengaluru traffic police issued a timely reminder, urging commuters to plan their routes accordingly. The message is clear: expect delays and plan for detours. But fear not commuters, alternative routes have been charted out to navigate the maze of traffic woes.

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Lok Sabha Polls Drive Voters Home

Photo Credits: Canva

As per the Hindustan Times reports, for those journeying from Raja Ram Mohan Roy and J.C. Road towards Rajajinagar, the recommended path is to veer off onto Palace Road, Chalukya Circle, and Race Course Road. Meanwhile, travellers bound for Magadi Road from Raja Ram Mohan Roy are advised to take the scenic route via N.R. Square, Townhall Circle, Market Circle, Royan Circle, and finally, Siri Circle.

However, the importance of these elections is much larger than the complexities of traffic management. Tomorrow marks the polling of fourteen Lok Sabha constituencies in Karnataka, including areas like Bellary, Gulbarga, Raichur, and Bijapur. This democratic spectacle is an important chapter in the state’s political narrative.

Bengaluru and the rest of South Karnataka have already cast ballots in the election’s second phase, which took place on April 26. At this point, the north and centre are at the forefront. So, as the wheels of democracy set in motion once more, Bengaluru stands at the crossroads, navigating the ebb and flow of traffic, all while embracing the essence of democracy in action. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva