Bhubaneswar Declared COVID-19 Free, Just 2 Months After Its First Case

by Natasha Monteiro
Bhubaneswar Declared COVID-19 Free, Just 2 Months After Its First Case

Good news everyone! Bhubaneswar in Orissa has been declared COVID-19 free just 2 months after its first case! How impressive is that. Odisha chief secretary Asit Tripathy said that the last 3 cases that were positive had fully recovered as of May 8, 2020. The Orissa government has been performing spectacularly well as compared to the rest of India, when it comes to tackling Coronavirus. Read on to know more:

Bhubaneswar Declared COVID-19 Free

Odisha capital Bhubaneswar became another Indian state capital to become coronavirus free, thanks to the recovery of all the 48 COVID-19 patients in the city. As of Monday, the state declared even its last 3 cases COVID Negative. Bhubaneswar was the first city in Odisha where a COVID case was detected on March 15th. In fact, the city also recorded its first fatality on March 6th. A total of 50 cases were reported in Bhubaneswar, of which there were 2 deaths. However, just a little over 2 months later, with strict measures and rigid implementations, the city has managed to curb the infectious disease and declared the city  COVID-19 free.

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On a side note, to check out how beautiful Bhubaneswar really is – take a look at our video here:

Odisha has one of the lowest fatality ratio (deaths per 100 cases) in the country at only 0.46. India, as a whole is at a fatality ration of 3.15. In fact, the rest of India could probably take a lesson from Odisha where it has both excelled as well as scored highly in numerous parameters, in the fight against corona virus. Here are the ways in which Odisha was better than the rest of India:

1. India has conducted 1706 tests per million people
Odisha has conducted 2,082 tests per million people

2. India reported 712.7 Covid-19 positive cases per 1 crore population,
Odisha reported 190.4 positive cases per 1 crore population

3. Fatality ratio of India is 3.15
Fatality ration of Odisha is 0.46

The Curly Tales team had visited Bhubaneswar in Odisha last year and we were absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty of the city. From the food, to the people to the hospitality – everything was absolutely wonderful. The news of Bhubaneswar becoming COVID-19 free is superb. Taking you back to our memories from Bhubaneswar last year, here’s another video for you to check out. Warning: do not watch this on an empty stomach.

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