Brand Refuses To Accept ₹80k Worth Shoes Back; Mumbai Man Files Complaint!

by Shreya Rathod
Brand Refuses To Accept ₹80k Worth Shoes Back; Mumbai Man Files Complaint!

Shopping is a therapy for most of us and we love buying trendy clothes. And that too, from renowned brands! According to some, the brand stamp on your clothes speaks a lot. But what happens if you buy the wrong size and the company doesn’t exchange it? A similar case happened with this Mumbai man who bought the wrong size of shoes from one of the luxury brands — Louis Vuitton— and here are the details!

Mumbai Man Bought The Wrong Pair Of Shoes!

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The one thing we learned from our moms was to try clothes and shoes before buying them. A man from Mumbai named Jawed Azam had bought Louis Vuitton shoes worth around ₹80,000 from the Colaba outlet but couldn’t try them in the store. But when he wore them, he realised they were not the right size and decided to return the shoes. However, the store refused to accept them under the pretext of ‘unsellable condition’. With no other option, he moved to the consumer court and filed a complaint against Louis Vuitton India Retail Pvt Ltd.

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Complaint Details To Know

The consumer claimed in court that he had purchased a pair of shoes that had been recommended to him by a salesperson at the Colaba location. He was measured for his foot size before choosing the shoe. The buyer could not try on the shoe at the store since he needed to get to Bengaluru quickly.

He wore the shoe to the airport only to discover that it was the wrong size thereafter. After arriving in Bengaluru, the customer allegedly purchased a different pair of shoes and put the first pair in storage. In January 2021, he went to the store to return it, but the business told him they couldn’t since it wasn’t fit for resale.

His complaint was submitted in September 2021. Recently, the commission took up the matter and instructed Louis Vuitton India to settle the dispute amicably with the customer. The evidence burden, according to the commission, is with the complainant.

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house that sells high-end products. Moreover, everyone from business professionals to fashionistas, finds them desirable.

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Anyways, tell us if you have ever purchased the wrong product and the store refused to exchange it.

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